Shooting Pearls

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I'm shootin' pearls here!


Shootin' Pearls is a term coined by Ghost, the host of True Capitalist Radio broadcast.


The term shooting pearls translates roughly to "handing out valuable advice", being a corruption of 'pearls of wisdom'. This is a reference to Ghost's will to spread financial advice and views on capitalism, which is the driving force behind the broadcast.


The term is usually combined with or found shortly following the line "I'm a Capitalist! And I deserve the respect accorded to that title!" Many trolls make Twitter Names degrading it, just as with Ghost's other quotes - such as 'ImShootinPoopHere' or 'ImDeflectingPearlsHere'. Other trolls attempt to corrupt it by using it in a context where 'pearls' are synonymous with semen. Ghost got mad at a caller who said that he was going to 'shoot pearls into his Granny'. In 2016, he raged at a name "Shooting Pearls on 6th Street," which was in reference to a late July shooting that occurred in Austin, Texas.