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We got screwed, Capitalist Army. We got screwed!


As defined by Wikipedia, the Shorty Awards are "an awards event that honors top short-form content creators on the micro-blogging website Twitter."

The Vote

When Ghost caught wind of the fact that his followers were voting for him under the radio category for 2012, he was initially hostile. However, after "seeing my competition", Ghost decided to support voting for himself. In this he entered into direct competition with @notsam, the producer of The Opie and Anthony Show.

Ghost has claimed that if he won the Shorty Awards, he would rent a tour bus and go to the awards ceremony in New York the following spring to accept the award in person, revealing his identity. He added that when his fanbase learned who he really was, they would "be shocked," and he would drive around the country meeting them. What precisely Ghost meant by these statements has been in dispute amongst his fans, though it soon became clear at any rate that it was highly unlikely that Ghost would actually visit New York.

DarkRazorZ was a strong supporter of Ghost's Shorty Awards vote through frequent updates on his Facebook page, Melting Pot of Friendship. A large portion of Ghost's fanbase supported voting for him, though some disliked the idea of Ghost revealing his identity. @Notsam was attacked by Ghost's followers and made several tweets about the conflict.


Voting for the Shorty Awards ended on February 17th, 2012. It came as no surprise that Ghost received the most votes for the contest's "radio" category, but no winner was announced. Not only did the Shorty Awards organizers skip over the controversial Radio category altogether, but they also failed to even mention Ghost's name on the air during the March 26th Awards Ceremony. And even if Ghost had won, the Shorty Awards organizers charged awards recipients several thousand dollars just to fly in and receive the awards in the first place.

Disgusted by the snub, Ghost expressed anger at the Shorty Awards during the next day's broadcast and delivered his acceptance speech anyway.