Single Mothers

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Pictured: Casey Anthony

Single Mothers, otherwise known as Single Moms, Slut-bag single mothers and dirty-dishrag whore single-moms, are women who are attempting to raise a child without a partner (usually assumed to be male). Ghost, the host of the True Conservative Radio and now True Capitalist Radio has been highly critical of Single Mothers and has cited them as an example and a cause of Junkyard America.

Ghost criticizes them for killing their kids (Casey Anthony, Andrea Yates) and getting away with it through weak-excuses (such as temporary mental disorders), for their poor/non-existant parenting skills, often resulting in No Personality Having Jerk Dicks and over-feminized fruitbowls, for their self-centric beliefs and activites and for their playing the Child Support Lottery System by hopping from penis to penis to penis, usually during Happy Hour, in hopes of finding someone well-off-enough to pay large sums of child support. He has also critisized them for collecting government entitlement programs and for teaching their children to fake illnesses so that they can be paid more (by the government).

Ghost has more recently criticized and blamed single mothers for the rise in HIV/AIDs in young populations, school shootings, young people on college campuses getting "triggered over some freaking chalk on the ground" and mental illness.

Despite his strong criticisms, Ghost is supportive of hard working single-mothers who actually attempt to raise their children and work a job to support their family. However, considering Ghost's issues with women in general, it may be debatable as to what kind of hard-working single mother Ghost is supportive of.