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Skype is a VOIP site that lets people communicate over the internet. Before June 13th, 2016, it was used on BTR as an alternative to calling in via the phone. Trolls and callers would have usernames which Ghost would call on to take these calls. It came to a halt when BlogTalkRadio and Microsoft had compatibility issues due to an update of Skype causing problems to callers who would use the service. Callers have had to resort to using Google Voice or Hangouts instead, the downside of these alternatives being that every number that comes through these services appears as Anonymous on Ghost's switchboard, meaning most trolls have to include their name before the splice/remix plays.

Initially, rumors have begun floating that now that Ghost has left BlogTalkRadio, his new platform for the show would support Skype callers again. This was proven false when Ghost temporarily cancelled Radio Graffiti and used his hotline for call-ins for a short time, and further dismissed when Ghost eventually brought back Radio Graffiti with no Skype support.

During Episode 578, Skype seemingly returned due to Ghost's new call-in system, with Ghost receiving calls from named callers such as Tyrian and someone named "Nigerian Prince" during Radio Graffiti. However, due to the cancellation of Radio Graffiti, it is unlikely that Skype will be put to use again.

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