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Communism is a political, economic and social ideology developed by Karl Marx during the Industrial Revolution. It aims to make a classless society through the lack of a currency system and private property. It's also known throughout the world as being "The Solution". Because of its closed market system, it is usually seen as the opposite of capitalism, the economic ideology of Ghost, the host of the True Capitalist Radio broadcast.

Ghost also targets any range of ideologies left of center (from social liberalism to democratic socialism) as indoctrination by bureaucratic politicians attempting to instill global communism over the world.

Ghost views communism as "...America's greatest threat, next to theocracy" and often refers to communists as "...long-haired bed-wetting liberal hippies."

Ghost has been even more critical of Communism since the Return, to the point that he now promotes the idea that every single person who promotes socialism or communism should be killed without remorse. Communism has been a more common topic post-return, as during the 2016 election and Donald Trump's presidency, socialism has become a more acceptable political ideology in the United States, best seen with the popularity of Bernie Sanders, one of Donald Trump's opponents in the presidential election and a democratic socialist. Events such as Fidel Castro's death, protests against Trump by self-identified communist groups and European Union's failure to manage the ongoing migrant crisis (which Ghost blames on EU's socialist policies) have kept the topic relevant and only deepened Ghost's hatred towards the ideology. In 2018, the rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Puerto Rican-American Democratic representative challenger from New York who supported Sanders in the 2016 elections, also deepened his hatred of Communism.


Communism in general has been one of the oldest trolls on Ghost's broadcast. Trolls regularly call up playing the Soviet anthem to make Ghost angry. Many Twitter/Chatroom and names have also been made on the topic of Ghost being a communist, along with several splices and remixes of such.

On Episode 302, thisissparta789789 played True Communist Radio, an intro remix that caused Ghost to rage for 9 minutes before rage-quitting. He raged over someone splicing Templeton's barking in the tune of the Soviet National anthem.

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