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After a soliloquy

During the True Capitalist Radio broadcast, Ghost is often distracted, going on short rants about unrelated topics. He refers to these as soliloquies, and often apologizes for 'going off on a soliloquy there.' These rants vary in length and, being unplanned, cover a vast amount of topics that are not among the regulars covered during TCR.

Ghost's soliloquies are, increasingly since the Return, on the topic of conspiracies. Listeners have found it increasingly easy and amusing to distract Ghost by mentioning anything even vaguely related to NASA or any other conspiracy theory. Ghost's soliloquies sometimes annoy trolls as they can cut into Radio Graffiti time. However, some trolls manage to distract him when he's on these rants by tweeting/posting pictures of people that he hates, or otherwise besmirching him. Ghost was once trolled by a Twitter name called "True Soliloquy Radio."

Soliloquies were extremely common during the time that Ghost ran his show from, with nearly every episode containing several long rants by Ghost, sometimes taking up almost the entire broadcast in the process. However, with the advent of The Ghost Show, Text-to-Speech trolls have been successful in distracting him when he's in a soliloquy.

List of Notable Soliloquies

This is a list of notable soliloquies Ghost has gone off on during True Capitalist Radio. Rants that already have their own pages should be linked to from here.

  • Midgets - In Episode 83, Ghost went on a 3-minute soliloquy about midgets after hearing a caller that he thought sounded like a midget. Ghost stated that he thought being a midget has to be a punishment from God, though claimed that he was kidding after receiving negative feedback from the his chatroom on BlogTalkRadio. This particular soliloquy spawned some of the first attempts at trolling Ghost by calling him a midget.
  • Coffee - A very common subject of Ghost's soliloquies. In fact, Ghost used to go on this particular soliloquy practically every day during The Markets before the hiatus. These soliloquies usually involved Ghost addressing his hatred of coffee drinkers and how they would be assholes on days when they didn't have their morning coffee. Ghost usually ended these soliloquies by boasting that he was naturally energized by his love of money, needing only four hours of sleep per day and hoping for coffee prices to go up. Although not related, Ghost sometimes states that he uses yarmulkes as coffee filters whenever someone calls him a Jew.
  • The Gym - Ghost once went on a four-minute rant claiming that body builders were closet-homosexuals and that women weren't interested in them because they were more feminine and wanted more dick than most heterosexual females. He also went on an unrelated rant that Republican Party House Majority Speaker (at the time) Paul Ryan was a closet fruitbowl who "spends too much time at the gym."
  • YouTube - Ghost often goes off on rants about YouTube and YouTubers whom he believes are all talentless pieces of self-centered crap who think that people actually want to watch them cut things in half. Boogie in particular gets the brunt of these rants, where simply mentioning his name can send Ghost into a soliloquy about him.
  • Feminism - Ghost went on a lengthy soliloquy on the Feminist movement during Episode 239 after reading the Twitter name "Kitchens for Fems," claiming they are corrupting the female youth of America as a lesbianic movement.
  • NASA - A few times throughout the show, Ghost has gone on multiple soliloquies about it being over-funded and that the moon landing was "nothing but Nevada." One of his soliloquies about NASA since the Return ended up spawning a short-lived troll claiming to be Buzz Aldrin's grandson.
  • Millennials - Ghost has gone off on Millennials on multiple occasions, claiming that they are coddled and egotistical. Ghost went off on Millennials and Generation X again in Episode 556 for them not being politically involved or informed, and for not taking government positions away from the Baby Boomers, with this soliloquy causing him to get enraged to the point where he began dropping F-bombs nonstop, and eventually Rage Quit out of pure anger. Following the 2018 midterm elections, Ghost began including Generation Z in these rants as well.
  • Youth of America - Ghost has gone off on this subject multiple times, claiming that the youth of America is why everyone is in Junkyard America. Asho and the Aborted Fetus, both trolls from 2011-12, usually sent Ghost on rages over today's youth and asking, "Where Are the Parents?". In Episode 149, he went on a rant about the Youth of America after Chatroom Shoutouts, claiming they're more interested in Nintendo and Britney Spears than the real world. Another notable soliloquy occurred in Episode 497 when Ghost saw that someone under the age of 20 in his Inner Circle chatroom called him a "Jewish merchant", sending him on one of his most explosive rants yet.
  • Emotions - During a Twitter Shoutouts segment, following the name "Godzilla's Betraying You", Ghost went on a huge soliloquy on emotions and emotional people during one broadcast, prematurely ending the shoutouts and going completely off-keister. His thoughts on emotions and emotional people contradicts his past statements on emotions.
  • Cartoon/Anime fetishes - Ghost has gone off on this subject multiple times since The Return, most notably in April 2016, where he did a 2 hour Sunday show and went off on anime and the sexualization of cartoons following a Republican delegate tweeting an anime pic at him.
  • Bronies - Ghost has occasionally gone off on male MLP fans, known as bronies, every now and then. One notable soliloquy occurred on Episode 344, after Twilie Atkins called in making fun of the Inner Circle, Ghost went on an explosive rant against bronies.
  • Asperger's and Autism - Ever since he returned from The Break in late 2017, Ghost went on multiple rants about these psychological disorders. On Capitalist Episode 522, he went on a near hour-and-a-half rant about Autism and manchildren ruining his show.