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✩ ✩ ✩ Obtained an Honorable Mention for Worst TCR Character at the 2017 Ghosties ✩ ✩ ✩


—Ghost, saying the phrase that this troll was named after in Capitalist Episode 503

Spaghetti Kid (sometimes referred to as 901 Caller or simply 901, after his area code) is a failtroll caller who's called in to Radio Graffiti a handful of times since the 2017 return. He appears to have a speech impediment (presumed to be the result of Autism). He has tried desperately to troll Ghost any way he can, usually by telling jokes or sucking up to him, but it never works.

Ghost inevitably dismisses the Spaghetti Kid's failtrolls by asking him to say "spaghetti", a catchphrase Ghost adopted circa 2017 to mock callers he believes to be autistic. Ghost's derisive belief that autistics love spaghetti appears to have been coopted from the Crank Yankers character Special Ed.


He made his debut in Episode 503 where he tried to agitate Ghost by calling him a Saudi Arabian hambone, but Ghost found his speech impediment ridiculous and tried to make him say "spaghetti" until hanging the call up, hence his name. 

He made a shout-out to Bmar896 and Tub Guy on the 2017 Thanksgiving special in some sorry attempt at a joke about fisting a turkey, delivered so terribly that Ghost was speechless for a few seconds and needed to hear it a few more times. Ghost changed the subject by asking if he could say "Yay, Spaghetti!". Even Spaghetti Kid could tell that Ghost was making fun of him, so he hung up. Since them, the Spaghetti Kid continued to make calls on a semi-regulsr basis, and getting mocked by Ghost each time.

During Episode 524, Spaghetti Kid received an honorable mention for The Ghosties under the category "Worst TCR Character".

He called in again two months later, attempting to emulate Ghost's "Prognosticator of Prognosticators" shtick by sucking up to his views on white supremacists and claiming he saw it coming two years ago. Ghost cut him off with the typical Spaghetti mocking, so Spaghetti Kid trolled him by saying the "n-word", which got Ghost off guard and caused cans.wav, disgusted over how the trolls corrupted him with their racism.

Spaghetti Kid made his final appearance on Episode 561, the last episode of the show to be featured on Blog Talk Radio. In honor of the occasion, not only did he ingratiate Ghost by actually saying "Yay! Spaghetti!", but Ghost joined in as well, and the two bonded over one of the show's most recent memes. Ghost thanked him after the call ended for playing along for once.