Spontaneous Sunday Show

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Current logo of the Spontaneous Sunday Show.

The Spontaneous Sunday Show was a spinoff show of the Saturday Night Troll Show hosted by Ghost that aired from May 2, 2021 to September 26, 2021. Which aired on Sundays on DLive despite the name.

From Make Up Episode to Permanent Show

On Episode 56 of the Saturday Night Troll Show, Ghost suffered issues during his show. Which resulted in a very short episode. Ghost later did a make up episode the following Sunday. The SSS would become more permanent after Ghost refusing to do any more episodes of the SNTS such as: not having the energy and Ghost watching UFC fights instead. Along with Ghost announcing on July 18, 2021 that he would replace Saturdays with Sundays and Fridays instead. Since Ghost shortened his show's time to around 6-7 hours.

Show Format

The SSS functions the same as the Saturday Night Troll Show, with Dateline and video donations. However, the show is shorter than SNTS by several hours.

End of SSS

After many breaks that Ghost took throughout the run of the SSS, Ghost decided to cancel the Spontaneous Sunday Show and replaced it with a soft reboot of True Capitalist Radio. Thus abruptly ending the Spontaneous Sunday Show on the 9th episode.,