Spontaneous Sunday Show Episode 6

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Broadcast Number: 6

Broadcast Date: Sunday, August 1st, 2021

Description: It's the "Spontaneous Sunday Show." Will Ghost open the phone lines early today? Did Ghost purchase minutes on the "dateline?" Who knows what will happen! Ghost makes this a "free-format" edition, we talk about whatever you want to talk about. Maybe Radio Graffiti!

Duration: 2:58:36

Link: https://archive.org/details/theghostshow_202003/SSS0006.mp4


Before the episode started, Ghost started a poll on Twitter whether he should do the episode due to severe thunderstorms that occurred at the time. Many voted for Ghost to do the episode. At the beginning of the broadcast, Ghost explained why he didn't show up on Friday. By stating that he was too drunk to do a show. This stream was cut short after an alleged outage interrupted him during Radio Graffiti. The next morning, Ghost posted on Twitter that a squirrel chewed up the internet cable on the side of his house and the rain shorted out the exposed wire. This caused his internet to go out until a repair guy came to fix it.


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