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Ghost: "661, Radio Graffiti"

Ken: ""

Ghost: "Alright DDOS that crap, get it off line".

—Ghost and the guy, in just about every call is a domain that openly advertises in Ghost's show, simply by having callers say the domain name out loud. Ghost often attempts to organize DDoS raids using his Capitalist Army, all of which have never been carried out. indeed exists. The website is the home of Surge Radio, a Dance Hits/EDM formatted internet radio station based in Southern California. The domain and the radio station itself is owned by Christian Mergliano. Mike Malice, the station's Sales Manager, is known to be a hardcore brony. Ken Santarelli (commonly referred to as "The Guy") is the radio station's Program Director, and is the most frequent caller to plug Surge Radio's website on Ghost's show. Ken has also been heard calling in to Goofy Bone's show. Sean Gillis, a member of the Surge Radio street team, has also been heard plugging the site on True Capitalist Radio, as well as Goofy Bone's show.

On January 9, 2012 during episode 194, Ghost revealed that the guy is actually a capitalist and told everybody not to DDoS the site. Ghost then quickly reverted on the next day's episode, calling him a moocher and a loser who should pay for his own show and not plug elsewhere.

Later on in Episode 194, when Ghost left the show the Engineer got a call from the guy, who wanted to give Engineer a job. The two had a lengthy (albeit one-sided) discussion about what benefits they offered, but Engineer turned it down thinking that he was going to hit him.

On January 12, 2012, 2 attempts were made to DDoS, during the first attempt the DDoSer and his botnet were IP banned by the server for 2 hours, on the second attempt, the server displayed Error 503 (Service unavailable due to maintenance or capacity problems) to all visitors for 30 seconds. During his 2 hour IP ban, the DDoSer was led to believe that the site was down for 2 hours. The DDoSer left his IP address by posting on the shoutbox, and an anonymous email was sent to Surge Radio identifying the attacker's Twitter name. Surge Radio tweeted at him, saying that if he would call Surge Radio's comment line and apologize, they wouldn't notify the FBI. Surge Radio received a voicemail from the DDoSer the next day.

On May 11th, Episode 225, Ken called during Radio Graffiti. He said on Twitter that he did not plan to call in often.

On May 15th, Episode 226, Christian, Surge Radio's owner, called in and plugged the site.

On December 2nd, 2016, somebody called in saying "". This, however, was not the original guy, nor was it anybody affiliated with Surge Radio (in fact, most of the people mentioned above seem to have left the team during Ghost's Absence or after Ghost's return). This was much to the surprise of Ghost. Unsurprisingly, afterward he said "DDoS that". Since then, this caller has continued to call in, with Ghost's response being much the same every time.

Ghost's Notable Responses

Ken: ""

Ghost: "Hey, can we say your number so everybody can call you right now? So they can say 'HEY, WE WANNA GO ON YOUR WEBSITE!' 661-202... Can we say your number?"

Ken: "Yeah, go ahead."

Ghost: "661-202-9916, give 'em a call, Radio Surge, whatever the hell his name is."

Ken: ""

Ghost: "What are we gonna find there? Jerry Sandusky's personal stash?"

Ken: ""

Ghost: "What? So we can hear some dorks givin' each other man tit slaps or something?"

Ghost: "661, Are you part of the 99%?"

Ken: ""

Ghost: "What? Do you think you're going to get some free plug? Nobody gives a crap about your 2-bit website, for Christ's sake. Why don't you pay for advertising like everybody else, you cheap bastard. GET 'EM OFF!"

Ken: ""

Ghost: "Yeah, somebody DDoS that stupid dumb website, if anybody knows... somebody DDoS that crap offline!"

Ghost: "661, Radio Graffiti"

Ken: ""

Ghost: "What are we gonna find there if we go there? What do you have? What's so great about your stupid pissing ground website that you can't even pay for advertising, that you've gotta milk it off my show? What's there?"'

Ken: "All of which, I am a girl home drunk nipple itching song aircraft."

Ghost: "Yeah, exactly. There's nothing there. You're just trying to get friggin' hits, so you can get ad words money. Then when Google finally realizes that all you're doing is spamming other radio shows, they're gonna cancel your friggin' contract."

Ken: ""

Ghost: "So what? You have a pissing ground website, who doesn't?"

Ken: ""

Ghost: "Who gives a shit about, I take a crap on! Stop trying to get listeners from my show, you actually have to have talent to keep people coming back to your broadcast."

Ghost: "951, Radio Graffiti"

Ken: ""

Ghost: "Alright, did everybody hear that? Did everybody hear that? Say it again. Say that address again."

Ken (very slowly): ""

Ghost: "Everybody Denial of Service attack that idiot. Alright? Denial of Service... TAKE IT OUT! TAKE IT OUT COMPLETELY! ALRIGHT? Because he's welcoming it, he keeps plugging it. I keep saying it's gonna happen, and he doesn't believe me, so just do it! Take it off! 661, Radio Graffiti."

Ken: ""

Ghost: "Uh... What? I just called on your stupid ass, what am I doing? ... Everybody get that? DDoS his ass!"

(December 2, 2016 - The first call after Ghost's return)

Ghost: "954, Radio Graffiti"

954: ""

Ghost: "! Where the hell have you been, for Christ sake? You still have that website up and running for Christ sake? Good God! Yeah, okay, and at the same time go ahead and DDoS that."