TCR-TonyTalk Troll Conflict

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The TCR-TonyTalk Troll Conflict
Date July 2018 - July 2020
Location TonyTalk's show, related Discord Servers, The Ghost Show communities
Status Stalemate.

Worst of conflict ended

Low-level cold war-style conflict continued for a brief time.

One of Lightning Note's TonyTalk videos got flagged and taken down, whether or not it was done by a TonyTalk troll remains unknown. Lightning Note's YouTube channel has since been terminated for hate speech.

Several TCR trolls purged from the Pastor Ken Discord with no reason given.

TonyTalk community accuse the TCR Community of snitching & sending poop to Tony.

SharpSplicer & InsaneEnergy join the TonyTalk Discord resulting in TCR troll drama in their server. After the November 2018 Ghost Doxing Incident, InsaneEnergy began uploading TonyTalk episodes.

Tony Gaga supposedly quits his show after his mother dies and being sent poop in his emails, TCR-TonyTalk troll tensions at an all-time high.

TCR trolls either leave the TonyTalk Discord or were purged from the server. Most have since stopped calling into the show.

Cleveland Show Calls begin to call into TonyTalk.

TonyTalk trolls attempt to call The Ghost Show but get BTFO'd for newfaggotry. Same episode gets copyright blocked.

Attempts to troll Ghost by TonyTalk trolls constantly fail, Ghost does not react to attempts.

A few TonyTalk trolls joined the Central Circle prior to its deletion.

No notable engagements between TCR/TGS trolls and TonyTalk trolls since The Ghost Show moved off YouTube and Cans Abuser deleted the Central Circle. Both sides appear to be at a state of ceasefire. Many old trolls from The Return era have begun to stop trolling Ghost and moved on to other things, while the TonyTalk trolls continue to troll Tony.

Ghost trolls TonyTalk trolls

Ex-Ghost trolls

Ghost (from January 2019)

Action Capitalist

Tison Rockit

Lightning Note

Tyrian (until sometime in 2020)

Tony Gaga

Dienasty (temporarily left community in Summer 2019, returned sometime in 2020)

Joshua Higgins (reportedly died in the Summer of 2020)

Producer Calvin

Johnny Longfeather

InsaneEnergy (from December 2018)

Several TCR trolls who trolled TonyTalk prior to Ghost's Return. Most of the TonyTalk community, very few ex-Ghost trolls who no longer listen to Ghost
Casualties and losses
Ukog-Nos Takeuchi (purged from the TonyTalk Discord),

InsaneEnergy, Shelby, And Sharpsplicer (all also purged from the TonyTalk Discord)

Asriel (allegedly set up by the TonyTalk trolls, accused of posting scat, impersonated by unknown TonyTalk troll)

Lightning Note (possibly unrelated termination of his YouTube account, moved to Bitchute; unknown if channel was reported by TonyTalk troll)

Dienasty gets banned from advertising on Lightning Note's videos, later left the TonyTalk community before returning in 2020.

Pastor Ken (briefly presumed dead by the trolls, later confirmed alive)

Tony Gaga (supposedly ending his show before returning several times, resulting in the blame being shifted to the TCR trolls)

Joshua Higgins (died in 2019)

Benjamin Buford Fontaine (also died in 2019)

The TCR-TonyTalk Troll Conflict is an ongoing state of hostilities between the TonyTalk trolls that began during the peak of troll activity on the show. Many TonyTalk trolls became hostile toward the new trolls that began to call in and attempted everything within their power to get rid of them, even thunderdoming them in a similar fashion as Ghost's Inner Circle did.

Many trolls have since returned to trolling Ghost when he returned with The Ghost Show, with very few trolls remaining to troll Tony. TonyTalk trolls have also become hostile towards KiwiFarms users who also started listening and calling Tony.

It has since been alleged that TonyTalk is fake and that Tony is really a character that one of the TonyTalk trolls created.


When Ghost took away Radio Graffiti & Shoutouts, many TCR trolls began trolling Tony, many TonyTalk trolls became increasing hostile towards the TCR Community as a whole with tensions continuously worsening as they shifted blame towards them for various reasons, many of which without substantial evidence.

Tony & Producer Calvin began banning Bronies from the show chat on BTR after an influx of My Little Pony-related calls & rumors of a My Little Tony doll circulating.

One of Lightning Note's video's get's taken down and his channel gets a 3 month long strike.

Dienasty(known as Spencer Rice or Andy/Anus) began advertising his own channel on Lightning Note's YouTube channel, which led to him being banned from commenting on the channel.

Tensions worsened continuously between September 2018-November 2018, in which led to most, if not all, of the TCR trolls being purged from the Pastor Ken Discord after his supposed "death".

They later accused the TCR Trolls of snitching to Tony and Pastor Ken, as well as posting poop fetishes on their other chats.

Things took a turn for the worse after members of InsaneEnergy's old Discord server joined the TonyTalk Discord, including SharpSplicer and InsaneEnergy himself, when others in the chat began accusing Asriel of posting scat porn in other chats due to a misunderstanding of words. The two would later be purged under suspicion of the exact same thing.

The TonyTalk Trolls seemed to have believed this assumption, and on November 25th, 2018, Tony announced on Twitter that he would no longer continue his show. This reignited accusations against Asriel & multiple former TCR trolls came to his defense as well as attempted to defuse the situation. Efforts failed which brought both communities closer to a potential Cold War between them.

After a short absence, Tony returned on December 2nd, 2018 and continues to broadcast.

Some TCR trolls began to leave the server & cut off all contact with the the TonyTalk community, with the TonyTalk trolls still shitposting about Asriel, even going as far as impersonating him on TonyTalk.

Tony Trolls have frequently appeared on The Ghost Show by calling in and spamming "Ghost fears Tony Gaga" in the YouTube Chat.

During The Ghost Show Episode 7, several Tony trolls called in to the show but were hung up on, resulting in butthurt from the Tony trolls who were immediately labeled as Failtrolls. Johnny was also called a Fruitbowl. Most continue to donate to promote TonyTalk & call Ghost but fail to troll him.

In a reference to TonyTalk, J-Man produced a Gloria remix out of Ghost's voice and had it air during Episode 18. It was one of the few Tony related trolls that made cans. On the 24th of that month, that remix was played on TonyTalk to lesser fanfare since at that point Tony no longer cared about Gloria (his ex-girlfriend).

The TonyTalk troll pair Andy and his anus called Ghost in Episode 23, disgusting Ghost.