TCR Chatroom Cold War

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TCR Chatroom Cold War
La Casa de Trolls vs The Official TCR Discord Server
Date Early October, 2017-February 2nd, 2018
Location Gab, TCR, Discord Servers, 4chan
Status Existing 2016/2017 drama is put to an end

Members of La Casa De Trolls doxed

Tensions eased among trolls within the community

Disco Waffle is ousted from the community

Accusations of InsaneEnergy being the Cleveland Caller are cleared

Memes made of InsaneEnergy's real picture during the Second TCR Cold War are wiped from Twitter following a confrontation

The Official TCR Discord

La Casa De Trolls

Smaller Troll Communities




Tison Rockit

Disco Waffle

Scarlet Moon

Action Capitalist

The Members of the Official TCR Discord

A few Inner Circle Members

Unknown number of trolls
Casualties and losses
InsaneEnergy (Old dox released, only photos posted)

SharpSplicer (Quit the community following drama within the chatroom, and with his girlfriend, old dox partially released)

DeplorableCapitalist (Quit the community following drama within the chatrooms, handed the Official TCR Discord off to InsaneEnergy)

Tison Rockit (Doxed)

Asriel (Attempted dox)

Disco Waffle (Left the community after being removed from his position within La Casa De Trolls)

The TCR Chatroom Cold War (also known as the Third TCR Cold War) was a conflict between two rival TCR chatrooms, La Casa De Trolls and The Official TCR Discord, during Ghost's 2017 comeback. This picks up from the First and Second TCR Cold Wars due to the fact that many of the events that happened during this cold war can be traced back to the first two, as many believed that would be the start of Troll War IV.

The name TCR Cold War comes from the fact that despite tensions, a large scale conflict had been avoided for a very long time, with a few proxy wars fought on different platforms, much like in the real Cold War. This relative peace had been achieved thanks to various mediators on both sides, who have managed to calm things down after particularly heated incidents as well as various lessons learned from the dramas in 2012.

The Rise of Two Communities

Rise of Two Nations

There have been many chatrooms dedicated to TCR ever since the early days with the BTR chatroom. However, as time progressed, many chatrooms fell inactive (such as Elfoxoloco's) or closed down permanently (like Tub Guy's). Two chatrooms on Discord, however, rose to prominence after Ghost's comeback on October 31st, 2017. These two servers would become known as The Official TCR Chatroom and La Casa De Trolls, Although while La Casa would be around for close to a year, The Official TCR Discord would form sometime during early October, just prior to Ghost's comeback.

These two chatrooms would become the main focal point of TCR commentary outside of the Inner Circle, which is notable as compared to the previous two conflicts, the Inner Circle had little or no impact on the events that transpired.

Chatroom vs. Chatroom

Much of the causes of the drama can be traced back to the events of the First and Second TCR Cold Wars, and the still heated and unresolved tensions between members of both communities. 

Tensions Boil

Following the comeback, two main chats would come to be the most prominent in the community: The Official TCR Discord, run by DeplorableCapitalist and InsaneEnergy, and La Casa De Trolls, run by Tison Rockit and Action Capitalist. Initially, relationships between the chats seemed tense, but not hostile. However, following suspicions and paranoia, several members who were in both chats were banned from each other's chats respectively.

Brink of War?

Following this, on December 9th, information was leaked to Casa De Trolls that the TCR Discord were making "Roast me" threads on /b/ with Tison's real picture. As a result, the thread was raided by trolls from their chat, most notably posting SharpSplicer's real face. After this, a chat was organized with the outcome being that the TCR Discord demanded PranksterPinkiePie to be banned, due to some leaked screencaps stating he may dox SharpSplicer or attempt to dox Ghost. Although it seemed they had capitulated with these demands, Prankie would remain unbanned. In addition, InsaneEnergy made the demand that some pictures posted during the Second TCR Cold War involving his real photos be removed from the Twitter accounts of some members within the chat. This demand was met, and the images were deleted.

Following this, an attempted splice against Scarlet Moon's call bot was organized by various members of the TCR Discord, which was eventually stolen and counter-spliced (though to little avail as it was cut off by Ghost).

The Ghosties

Smaller drama events would persist through the month of December, mostly turning into a competition to see who would win the Best Chatroom category for The Ghosties. Many from both chats would submit their nominations. On the night of The Ghosties however, Ghost would award the Inner Circle with Best Chatroom, and the TCR Discord would win an honorable mention, due in part of Ghost's bias towards serious discussion, to which some members would attempt to gloat about.

The End

Peace Summit

In the early hours on January 15th, following a minor drama incident in La Casa De Trolls chat, Disco Waffle would be demoted from his position on the mod team. Following this, he posted a document outlining everything he had done, and his reasoning for doing so, from falsely accusing InsaneEnergy of being the Cleveland Caller, to doxing the Inner Circle back in March, and even going back to February, doxing SharpSplicer. Disco would then leave the server (and be banned shortly thereafter), delete his Gab and lock down his Twitter under a different handle, effectively leaving the community.

In the wake of this, members from both chats decided to extend their hands in an effort to bring peace to the TCR community once again, including InsaneEnergy, SharpSplicer and Shelbu from the TCR Discord, and Action Capitalist, Scarlet Moon and Asriel from the Casa De Trolls chat. Both sides decided to apologize for a majority of the drama they had caused, and organized/negotiated an end to the hostilities.


Official TCR Chatroom Collapse

Shortly after the end of the TCR Chatroom Cold War, there would be a power struggle in the Official TCR Discord between InsaneEnergy and DeplorableCapitalist. The root of the divide began when some users were told to take serious talk out of the main channel, and many people complaining in private that Deplorable was pushing the chat towards shitposts, causing some members to jump ship.

On January 30th, InsaneEnergy would get into an argument with SharpSplicer and Shelbu, primarily over their recent behavior and attitude. This would result in both leaving the chat for two days, before returning on February 1st. Shortly after their return, on February 2nd, at the request of some members, InsaneEnergy would force push to talk on voice channels, infuriating Shelbu to the point where she claimed she wanted to kill Insane. She would then promptly leave the chat with SharpSplicer following soon after, causing a minor argument between Deplorable and Insane for making the decision without his permission.


In an odd twist, instead of demoting or kicking Insane, Deplorable would turn over ownership to him before leaving the chat entirely, making InsaneEnergy the owner of the TCR discord, which would then be renamed to The True Capitalist Army chat due to Ghost's impending new chatroom.

The creation of Ghost's chat would be a worry to many in the community who were members, mods or owners of chats, as they feared they would seemingly be left irrelevant, and made redundant. However, while many of these chats continue to persist, even with Ghost's new chatroom, this left the Capitalist Army chat on the way side, being a chat very similar in concept to what Ghost's Chat would eventually become.

Through the following weeks, Insane would attempt to give people Admin powers to make the chat more active, and to try to see if anyone could manage the chat due to having more important things to do, to little avail.

On March 15th, InsaneEnergy would announce his departure from the Capitalist Army chatroom, stating he didn't have the time to manage it anymore between all other things he was doing, such as college and managing the blog. On March 16th, following the results of a poll, the chat would be handed off to a moderator of the chat, Terry A Davis, before Insane left the chat for good.


The next month, in mid-April, Insane would return to the chatroom to check in on it, having left the chat the previous month and only hearing bits of pieces of what was happening. Upon returning, some members became upset with Insane, arguing that he abandoned the chat to return to the Inner Circle. Following some arguments, and a raid by others, Insane would be permanently banned from the chatroom.

This incident would be referenced the following month upon Oflameo's banning from the Inner Circle, making the accusation that Insane intentionally encouraged a raid on the chatroom, a claim that is vehemently denied by Insane.

The Fourth TCR Cold War Begins

Main Page: Fourth TCR Cold War

Following the end of Radio Graffiti, most trolls had left the community, and moved on to other things. The drama then proceeded to shift from the troll community back to the Inner Circle once more starting in August, when due to many differences between Ghost and some members of the Inner Circle, many were purged or left the chatroom. This would move the drama yet again to another front, this time regarding the running of the Inner Circle, and the TCR Discord Ghost now runs.

As a result of Ghost making a premium Discord, the chatroom would be renamed to the Free TCR Discord, attempting to set itself apart and market itself based on the fact that you don't need to pay Ghost a monthly subscription fee on Gab to get in. Many of the Inner Circle members who were kicked or left would move here following the initial purge.