TCR Civil War

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TCR Civil War
Part of The Meme Wars
TCR Civil War poster created by Twilie Atkins

Date September 23rd, 2016 - October 23, 2016
Location True Capitalist Radio Broadcast - San Antonio - Texas
Status Team Ghost Pyrrhic Victory

Engineer autographs no longer sold

Ghost autographs no longer sold

Templeton Pawprints no longer sold

Team Ghost Team Engineer
Ghost Engineer
Teutonic Plague (during early and late stages)


Every brown noser in TCR

Team Bronies4Ghost


Hillary Clinton

Twilie Atkins (during The Betrayal)

Adolf Hitler


George Soros

Colin Kaepernick



Twilie Atkins (during early and late stages)

Teutonic Plague (during The Betrayal)

Suck Mah Dick Guy

Troll Terrorists

Ghost's Inner Circle turncoats

Donald Trump

Stevie Ray Vaughan

TrumpinCapitalist (during The Betrayal)

Casualties and losses
Numerous Ghost autographs

Ghost's voice

Countless cans



True Capitalist Radio Boycott

2 Rage Quits

Teutonic Plague
Friendly Fire Casualties
RaidenSnake (Twitter account deleted again)

The TCR Civil War, also known as the Engie Heresy, is a name given to a conflict between Ghost and Engineer in True Capitalist Radio broadcast. The conflict started after Ghost unveiled Engineer autographs in September 23rd, 2016, and ended on October 23rd, 2016 when Ghost pulled down the autographs for both him and Engineer.


After announcing that he would start selling his own autographs, several people started asking Ghost if he was going to sell Engineer autographs. Ghost was initially hesitant of the idea, because he felt that Engineer didn't deserve to have his own autographs. However, after numerous requests, Ghost finally gave in on September 20, 2016 and decided to have the Engineer sign autographs for the whole night, threatening to fire him if his autographs outsold Ghost's.

The War Begins

On September 23rd, 2016, Ghost finally announced the Engineer autographs and was shocked by the initial speed of the sales. Ghost was trolled for the entire duration of the broadcast over the issue. On Twitter people started to tweet Ghost with images that besmirched Ghost's autograph and praised Engineer's autograph. These images along with Twitter Shoutouts and Radio Graffiti started to slowly chip away at Ghost's sanity. Eventually Ghost had shouted so much at the trolls that his voice started to sound high pitched whenever he raised his voice. Eventually Ghost was able to calm somewhat when seeing that Engineer wasn't ultimately able to beat him in the number of sold autographs.

The sheer rage over this episode caused Ghost to break the Cans High Score during Episode 358 with the overall amount of cans.wav numbering 36. At the end of the broadcast, Ghost called September 23rd, 2016 his "Worst Baller Friday Ever", making the body pillow situation of the last weeks Baller Friday (which he previously thought to be his worst Baller Friday ever) look like nothing.

The Ongoing Conflict

After intense fighting during Episode 358, the conflict calmed down for a while and continued at varying levels of intensity. As long as he has continued to offer the Engineer postcards, Ghost has occasionally raged at the fact that they are selling at all, let alone catching up to his own. With his characteristic refusal to admit defeat, Ghost threatened to pull the Engineer cards if the sales numbers converge further.

Instead, Ghost took down his own autograph on October 5. He said that he would leave the Engineer's autograph up until Saturday, October 8 to make it fair to him, feeling that he had no way of catching up to Ghost in that time frame.

The Betrayal

Inner Circle betrayal

The conflict headed into its most intense phase during Episode 363, when an early Radio Graffiti call featured various members of the Inner Circle betraying Ghost (mostly jokingly) and endorsing the Engineer, including even (via a splice) Donald Trump, which would fire off a series of events that would come to be known as "Betrayal Week". This enraged Ghost so much that he rage quit afterward, canceling most of Radio Graffiti. The next day, several callers featured in the call (including Teutonic Plague and Distilling Capitalist) tried to apologize and explain that they were still on Ghost's side, but Ghost refused to accept either apology and only got angry from being reminded of the original call. Teutonic claimed for a short time that Ghost refused his calls after the incident.

In Episode 365, the "betrayal" call was flipped on its head when another call was played including various bronies (such as MaskedPony and Twilie Atkins) and Hillary Clinton supporting Ghost. This call also greatly upset Ghost, although without the element of betrayal it was not enough to make him ragequit.

Karaszkun's betrayal

In Episode 366, Members of the Capitalist Army found nude art KaraszKun had drawn. Knowing it would piss Ghost off, they began to spread it to try and get Ghost's attention, but it reached KaraszKun first, saying he had no problem drawing it. This came to a head on when he was called on during Radio Graffiti, and began talking to Ghost about the things he had drawn. Initially starting out fine, it got bad once he started using more colorful language to describe the art he had drawn and told Ghost he was making no money off it, but plans on it. This eventually led Ghost to start crying and going into an incoherent rage again, as he felt betrayed by another close member of the inner circle, as the previous few shows had followed this trend with people like Teutonic Plague supporting Team Engineer in the TCR Civil War.

The G Suicide Hoax Incident

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On Episode 367 and the G Suicide Hoax Incident that followed, A frequent serious caller, G, was confirmed to be Toilet Guy and a fan of anime. Shortly after the incident that followed means G will never be allowed back into the show.

Shortly after the G incident, RaidenSnake's own twitter account was deleted afterwards. Speculation is trolls purposely shut down his account due to accusations made against him, however this was debunked as RaidenSnake recently returned, stating that Twitter had censored his account.

The next day, Ghost put his autograph back up for sale for a few more days.

The Boycott

On Capitalist Episode 369, at the end of Radio Graffiti, The Betrayal returned for a second week, this time in the form of an audio clip by SharpSplicer of various trolls and fans of the show saying they would boycott Ghost, including G, due to the G Suicide Hoax Incident and Ghost's response to it. This led to Ghost raging extremely hard at the end of the show and leaving with no post-show.

The sacrificial autographs

During Episode 374, Boat submitted a video to Ghost via Twitter during the broadcast showing him burning several of Ghost's autograph in sacrifice to ensure a Donald Trump presidency. This caused Ghost to rage at the destruction of his autographs (despite the fact that the autographs were Asho bootlegs introduced in Episode 373.)

As a follow-up, during Capitalist Episode 376, Twilie Atkins submitted a video to Ghost via Twitter during the broadcast showing how to burn Ghost's autograph. This video included using one of Ghost's favorite tipples, Johnnie Walker and caused Ghost to rage against both Twilie and the Bronies. Twilie posted via Twitter that once again sides had been switched with Twilie returning to Team Engineer.

The War's end?

After weeks of saying he would pull down the autographs for both him and Engineer, he finally did it on October 23rd, 2016, bringing an end to the bloody Civil War, with the outcome being a small victory for Team Ghost due to outselling Team Engineer.

Ghost teased more merchandise coming, and released a Ghostler Youth shirt, mug and portrait on Teespring soon after, oddly enough not released through

Team Templeton

After Templeton bit Ghost a second time, people began requesting Templeton's pawprint as an autograph, with some people making mockups of what it may look like. Due to the close proximity of this incident to the #BanTeutonic movement, Ghost decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, and put 250 of Templeton's pawprints up for sale on for $5.

There was no Inner Circle discount, according to Ghost because "many of them initiated this situation". He stated he would only sell these until Halloween, and if 50 of them sold by Halloween's show, he would ban Teutonic Plague. However, on the Baller Friday show that followed, the trolls quickly bought up the required amount, forcing Ghost to ban Teutonic Plague from the show.

Ghost got increasingly angry, and wondered if the trolls were trying to buy more of Templeton's autograph to try and win the war against him and "twist the knife". This initially suggested this would be a continuation of the TCR Civil War, however events quickly wound down.

The anger continued into the Halloween special show, with someone buying 10 during the show, leading to massive amounts of rage over people buying his dog's autograph more than his or even Engineer's. This means that, in the end, Templeton was the winner of the TCR Civil War, an event that no one could've anticipated.

Ghost quietly pulled the Templeton cards down shortly after Halloween, bringing an end to any revival of the conflict. Ghost also pulled down the Ghostler Youth shirts on November 3rd, and put up a Meme Wars soldier shirt a few days later, with a special Election Week special giving everyone the Inner Circle discount.

Fortune vs. Optimism

During Capitalist Episode 459, Ghost began selling autographs of both Mr. Fortune Cookie and Mr. Optimism. The reason is because Ghost wanted to get rid of Radio Graffiti due to its declining quality, and make the broadcast more serious. The Mr. Fortune Cookie autographs were in support of Radio Graffiti, while the Mr. Optimism autographs were against Radio Graffiti. The contest was rather tense, with Fortune Cookie being mainly in the lead or tied with Optimism, and Ghost acting how he did during the TCR Civil War (throwing tantrums, demanding people to buy Mr. Optimism autographs; in other words, acting like a whiney bitch). After Capitalist Episode 464, the contest ended with Mr. Optimism having the most autographs sold, but Radio Graffiti stayed on the broadcast albeit with a shorter time period. In addition, Ghost began the Saturday Night Troll Show, stating that is was funded by those who bought the Mr. Fortune Cookie autographs and thanked them for helping produce a whole other show.

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