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Missing Images

Hey, does anyone have either a copy or an image of the following merchandise?

  • Original Ghost autograph
  • Backside of the Templeton autograph
  • Ghost Christmas Card (If I remember correctly, such thing existed at some point)
  • 2018 Ghost autograph

I can't find copies of these on my computer or the internet, so it would be appreciated if someone could upload an image of these autographs/cards to the wiki.

  • I can get a picture of my 2018 Ghost autograph, as well as the Christmas Card from 2016. Give me a little bit. ~InsaneEnergy (talk)
    • There we go. Sorry if the picture quality for the 2018 card is shit, I got shaky hands and I'm no good at taking pictures lol ~InsaneEnergy (talk)
  • An anonymous ex-Inner Circle member was gracious enough to provide me with an image of the card new IC members received upon joining the IC in late 2017/early 2018. Figured it'd fit here, though it can be moved to the actual IC page if it doesn't quite fit with the rest of the merch. Cheers! ~InsaneEnergy (talk)