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Text-to-speech messages are an innovative part of the Ghost Show. When Ghost moved to YouTube and partnered up with StreamLabs, TTS messaging and media share were added in. Both of these features require people to pay/donate to Ghost so the TTS could say anything they want. It has somewhat become the successor to Chatroom Shoutouts as trolls can also use donations to make Ghost read various sick-twisted names at any time during the broadcast.

This type of trolling can easily lead to rage quits if enough of these manage to piss Ghost off, like they did in episode 15 (which made a record of 68 cans). But no one knows for sure how Ghost acts about the donations after the show's over, but he does make hundreds of dollars a night from it, which led to trolls calling Ghost a "$5 whore".

How to Use the TTS

The procedure is simple, yet the percentage of cans.wav in correlation with the TTS's is slim. There's literally dozens of donations made during the stream, so that's a given.

  • If you want Ghost to read your name, $3 will be enough to sound the notification.
  • In order to get the TTS to read your message, you have to pay $2 extra.
  • If media share is available, you can donate $8 and add a YouTube URL to it.
  • If media share is unavailable, sending him $15 will make him watch the video. The price may vary.
  • If you're courageous, donating the message with a large sum of money ($25.00) will make Ghost flip out. Impersonating Donald Trump or another high-profile person helps.
  • The most important thing to note is that you have to add the decimal. Otherwise, you'll lose a lot of money,

StreamLabs allows the use of emojis so you could add 👻 for Ghost among other things to help get your name across within the 25-character limit.

Once you complete your message, you can choose to donate it via PayPal or by a different platform. PayPal is the suggested method as it will only take a few seconds to cash it in. The rest of the trolling method works the same way as free shoutouts would, but they can cut into Ghost's soliloquies and if used correctly can result in hilarious timing. It's strongly suggested that you refrain from making donations during Radio Graffiti time, as you are still able to do so after Ghost finishes the segment. You also will not get Ghost's attention when he is on break.

TTS vs. RG

Text-to-speech trolling is becoming more popular than Radio Graffiti these days, despite the fact that the latter has always been free of charge. While the TTS is an effective trolling method, there are oppositions to the usage of it. Veteran trolls argue that it disrupts the flow of the show and that it would sometimes stop Radio Graffiti from happening due to the TTS trolls driving Ghost to rage-quit. And when it doesn't, some of these donations interrupt Radio Graffiti calls. (Though they haven't stopped Ghost from reacting to the remixes accordingly.) The TTS trolls have argued that "RG is for the poor", while others have argued that TTS trolls lack originality and were known to re-use troll names from the wiki page.

The rivalry started to escalate as Ghost was constantly told to get rid of TTS, and some trolls decided to declare war over it. Ghost tried to make a peace treaty to avoid the war and promised the return of Saturday Night shows, but both sides decided to troll Ghost about it instead. To this date, no such war has officially started.