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Text-to-speech apps have existed in tandem with Radio Graffiti for a long time. Such programs are often used for trolling Ghost in various ways, from basic spamming to being a dedicated troll character, including Moon Man and Captain Dickhead.


Moon Man is the earliest known text-to-speech used on Radio Graffiti, with a lot of calls boiling down to racist jokes that match Moon Man's existing internet meme portrayal. Various text-to-speech voices were also used during the show's history, and were frequently used in fake versions of the intro as the announcer. Trolls have also impersonated Stephen Hawking in this manner.

Beginning in 2019, The Ghost Show started giving people an opportunity to donate messages with automated voices. For more on that, see Text-to-Speech Donations.

In 2022, things have changed when free AI voice cloners with text-to-speech functions became prominent on the internet, and now a whole slew of new characters can appear on Radio Graffiti. Cloned voices that were used for trolling include Donald Trump, TF2 and MLP characters, Chills, and even Ghost himself.

How to Use Them

First, find a site hosting text-to-speech voices. Then, pick which voice you want. If you are looking for a cloned voice from a site such as Uberduck, make sure the quality of the voice is accurate and convincing for maximum cans. If the site does not provide a download button, you may want to get an add-on for your browser that downloads the clips, or use Audacity (with Stereo Mix as microphone) to record the audio.


Sites that are using cloned voices:

Sites using old-fashioned text-to-speech voices: