The Baller Friday Show

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The Baller Friday Show's Logo

The Baller Friday Show was the second spin-off show of The Ghost Show that debuted on July 23, 2021 and ended on September 3, 2021. The show airs on Fridays and has a very similar format to the Saturday Night Troll Show. Initially the show first aired on YouTube after a the decision was won on a poll Ghost posted on Twitter. Whether to air the first episode of The Baller Friday Show on DLive or YouTube.

Ghost's Odysse

After the first episode aired, Ghost then decided to move the show to Odysee. A platform that is similar to YouTube. However once he aired the second episode, the stream was experiencing a ton of buffering issues. Along with Ghost having to cut the show to less than 4 hours due to Odysse's limit on streaming. This was notorious on the fourth episode of TBFS, when the replay for the episode ended up lost. With only footage of the Twitter Shoutouts and Radio Graffiti segments from StevenStinkyverse and a relay stream from Underdog. The show went over the 4 hour limit, with Ghost posting on Twitter that he was shocked that the episode didn't have a replay.


Due to Ghost's infrequent show schedule, The Baller Friday Show has been questioned by Ghost around September 23rd, 2021 after Ghost decided to change his show schedule more towards his other shows. With Ghost saying he will do occasional episodes of The Baller Friday Show. Or he will cancel the show completely. The cancellation of the show became permanent once Ghost did a soft reboot of True Capitalist Radio on October 18 2021. Making the 5th episode of TBFS the last episode.,