The Break

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Ghost announces his break on

On May 8th, 2017, Ghost announced that he would be entering an extended break from the show due to the bronies, anime, Touhous, and other fandoms that were infesting his show (though some have argued this was actually just an excuse and he was really just afraid that he might have faced legal charges for the nefarious things he's done on the internet or that he was allegedly outright doxed on 8chan's /pol/ during Episode 500 and got pizza bombed during the broadcast). Unlike the last time, Ghost assured that this was not in fact the end of TCR, and that he might still do occasional broadcasts, but no longer 3 hours a day, 6 times a week, assuring that he would make a full fledged return one day. Ghost said that he will still be active on and other social media, and that the content will be oriented towards the serious audience for now. He also mentioned doing the business projects he was planning with the Inner Circle.

A relatively popular right-wing YouTuber Styxhexenhammer666 made a video in response to Ghost leaving the broadcast again where he encouraged Ghost not to give up and give leftists what they want by ending the broadcast and praised Ghost's show for how it managed to be both funny and informative at the same time. Ghost later thanked Styxhexenhammer666 for his kind words and made a response to him on, explaining in detail why he was currently on a break and promising that he wasn't going to end the show.

Ghost later claimed on a blog post and a tweet that he planned on waiting a month, then coming back on June to make new content on different platforms to see how that goes. In one of his posts on, Ghost promised to return to broadcasting on 4th of July 2017, but he didn't show up on that date. He explained the next day that apparently he had been too wasted to broadcast. News on the show's return was slow until September, when Ghost posted a poll on his Gab asking if TCR should come back, with "yes" overwhelmingly winning.

Ghost later confirmed that the show would return by the end of October, and that at the end of this run, the "showmaster" would be revealed, hinting at him revealing his true identity. Despite some doubt from fans of the show, The Break officially ended on October 31st, 2017, when Ghost returned to broadcast the 501st TCR episode.

During his break, Ghost made two new videos on his YouTube channel: Emergency Broadcast 2 and A Major Down Turn In Bitcoin Value in June?