The Chalkening

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The fire rises, brothers. Oh my!

Tub Guy, Organising the Chalkening

On Monday April 4th, 2016's broadcast, Tub Guy called Ghost and suggested a plan for the Capitalist Army to write "#Trump2016" and "#CapitalistArmy" on various college campuses across the campus. This idea came from a news story at Emory University where students wrote "#Trump2016" on campus and "triggered" feminists, making national news there. Since then, the Chalkening has spread nationwide through social media, and the Capitalist Army plans to ride this to national media coverage.

The Chalkening took place April 10th, 2016, Sunday night.

Tub Guy's Advice

  1. Wear dark clothing
  2. Make sure no one sees you
  3. Scout the area first (ensure there are no cameras there)
  4. Potentially use a stencil
  5. Don't use spray-paint as this is actual vandalism
  6. Don't upload using school computers or social media accounts in any way linked to your real name

Other Advice

  1. Don't use campus WiFi (if they're aware the photos were uploaded using campus WiFi they can trace it back even if the account used to post it is not in any way related to your social media profiles)

The Chalkening

The event began as planned with Ghost hosting a special weekend broadcast to support it. This Episode 238 promoted the Chalkening and covered other topics. Ghost spent the evening retweeting pictures of Chalkenings from across the US and across the world. The following morning he continued, now including pictures of anti-Trump supporters (triggered college students) erasing the messages and screenshots of delicious Facebook rage.


Ghost spent much time discussing the event on the following episode. Several of the pictures were covered in an article by Salon and labeled as being racist though no real connection was made to the Capitalist Army.