The Dateline

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Red Hot Dateline, the service Ghost uses for this segment

The Dateline is a segment of the weekend spin-off shows Saturday Night Troll Show & Spontaneous Sunday Show, where Ghost calls the Red Hot Dateline (usually before Radio Graffiti) to troll other Dateline users, usually women, but will sometimes seek both men and women depending on what character Ghost will portray.

Trolling in the dateline

To connect to Ghost's region of the dateline, dial 210-933-1313, and call in as a female. This will allow you to be in Ghost's potential matches, at which you can then troll ghost.


In mid-2019, during a dateline call, fail troll Asrielkekker found the number to call on the red hot dateline, and managed to annoy Ghost, which itself stirred up controversy due to Kekker being a minor at the time.