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The Ghost Show is chronologically the fourth radio show hosted by Ghost from True Capitalist Radio and the first one to be, at least thus far, broadcasted entirely outside of BlogTalkRadio network, instead being broadcasted from Ghost's YouTube channel. The show was first broadcasted on December 31st, 2018.


Throughout 2018, Ghost and his supporters steered the direction of True Capitalist Radio away from trolling into the realm of seriousness. This led to the Fourth TCR Cold War. After months of complaining on how no one listened to his show, plus the fact of all the drama happening outside the show, Ghost formally ended TCR in November, and seemingly left the internet.

Many assumed this was the official end of Ghost in that he would be gone permanently, however to the surprise of many, he announced a stream on New Year's Eve 2018, entitled The Ghost show. He stated how he was being far too angry and political and how he wants to bring back the fun in the show be bringing back Radio Graffiti. He later raged on how people outside were lighting fireworks despite being against the law for 30 minutes.

Several trolls have theorized the reason as to why Ghost has taken a different direction with his show, with many speculating him turning over a new leaf and bringing back the audience he once had before his autist rants. Because of the implementation of Streamlabs and media sharing, Ghost has motivation to do Radio Graffiti what with people donating money to him.

Show Format

Unlike True Conservative and Capitalist Radio, Ghost has stated that he intends to step away from politics and his intense beliefs, though he still intends to give market advice on the show. Ghost also brought back the Radio Graffiti and Shoutouts sections in the third episode that were missing from the later episodes of TCR.

In addition, Ghost now takes Shoutouts from not only the livechat on YouTube, but from StreamLabs as well. Aside from getting shoutouts, Streamlabs users can call in during the show at any time, which has opened up opportunities for trolls to annoy Ghost with not only humorous names, but with audio clips as well.

Much like TCR since after the Break, Ghost does the show on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The episodes are typically longer than his previous broadcasts, taking approximately four hours each.

However, StreamLabs and media sharing have proven to have backfired on Ghost, as people consistently spam the donations with Text-to-Speech live on his show. Ghost is constantly interrupted with Text-to-Speech and media sharing to the point where he rages for over an hour straight. Listeners have addressed their disdain for StreamLabs, as the serious listeners can't listen to Ghost's market hour, and trolls who wanted to save Ghost's rage for Radio Graffiti. Ghost claims the reason he keeps StreamLabs is for fan interaction, but many theorize it's because of Ghost's Jewish tendencies to make money off his fans.

Copyright infringement has been a consistent issue for the show due to the new platform. Unlike BlogTalkRadio, which was usually lax on copyright, YouTube frequently flags TGS episodes that feature copyrighted music. These videos are subsequently taken down temporarily and get demonetized. Thanks to the TTS system however, this hasn't had much of an impact on Ghost's ability to make money from the show.


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