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I want to do my show! Lemme do my shoooow!

—Ghost, on a typical episode of The Ghost Show 

The Ghost Show is chronologically the fourth radio show hosted by Ghost from True Capitalist Radio and the first one to be, at least thus far, broadcasted entirely outside of BlogTalkRadio network, instead being broadcasted from Ghost's YouTube channel, VaughnLIVE, Periscope, and DLive. The show was first broadcasted on December 31st, 2018.


Throughout 2018, Ghost and his supporters steered the direction of True Capitalist Radio away from trolling into the realm of seriousness. This led to the Fourth TCR Cold War. After months of complaining on how no one listened to his show, plus the fact of all the drama happening outside the show, Ghost formally ended TCR in November, and seemingly left the internet.

Many assumed this was the official end of Ghost in that he would be gone permanently, however to the surprise of many, he announced a stream on New Year's Eve 2018, entitled The Ghost show. He stated how he was being far too angry and political and how he wants to bring back the fun in the show be bringing back Radio Graffiti. He later raged on how people outside were lighting fireworks despite being against the law for 30 minutes.

Several trolls have theorized the reason as to why Ghost has taken a different direction with his show, with many speculating him turning over a new leaf and bringing back the audience he once had before his autist rants. Because of the implementation of Streamlabs and media sharing, Ghost has motivation to do Radio Graffiti what with people donating money to him.

Show Format

Initial Format

Unlike True Conservative and Capitalist Radio, Ghost has stated that he intends to step away from politics and his intense beliefs, though he still intends to give market advice on the show. Ghost also brought back the Radio Graffiti and Shoutouts sections in the third episode that were missing from the later episodes of TCR.

In addition, Ghost now takes Shoutouts from not only the livechat on YouTube, but from StreamLabs as well for anyone who donates more than 25 dollars. Aside from getting shoutouts, Streamlabs users can call in during the show at any time, which has opened up opportunities for trolls to annoy Ghost with not only humorous names, but with audio clips as well.

Much like TCR since after the Break, Ghost does the show on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, however by December, the Schedule would change to Tuesdays and Thursdays due to Ghost not having the energy to conduct the show anymore, despite his claims of being a machine in the past. The episodes are typically longer than his previous broadcasts, taking approximately four to six hours each.

Actual Format

StreamLabs (later StreamElements, DonationAlerts, then BuyMeACoffee) and media sharing have proven to have backfired on Ghost, as people consistently spam the donations with Text-to-Speech live on his show. Ghost is constantly interrupted with Text-to-Speech and media sharing to the point where he rages for over an hour straight. Such Text-to-Speech donations range to insults, market coverage, serious statements for Ghost, calling out trolls and other listeners, etc., all to Ghost's rage or gratitude, depending on the nature of the donation. Media share would consist of random audio clips, often times being ear rape. Ghost eventually switched to StreamElements after having technical issues with StreamLabs, then switched to DonationAlerts due to being banned from StreamElements, then finally going to BuyMeACoffee due to the Russian war on Ukraine (DonationAlerts is hosted by a Russian Company). He has also cut media sharing out of the main show, only turning it on on the Saturday Night Troll Show or on an occasional Baller Friday (this also slowly fizzled out in light of video donations taking over the show).

During Episode 46, the first ever episode where video donations became normal was at exactly 24:40 where Jackler sent in a $5 donation prompting Ghost to watch a youtube video about "Big Man Tyrone", then another 3 donations (totalling up to $11) for another video, to which a person by the name of "MARINES R GAY AF" sent in a singular donation of $12 to Ghost at 51:16 for him to look at an anime picture from twitter. This eventually prompted other TTS trolls to follow suit, spamming Ghost with 12 dollar donations 'obligating' him to look at images, and to play videos for his reaction. Ghost would eventually raise the price for the '12 Buckers' as he called it of the YouTube link videos to 15 dollars, theorizing that the increase in price would dissuade people from spamming donations. This of course failed, as people still continued to send in donations with YouTube videos to Ghost. Ghost would raise the price again to $18.66, then again to $20.

Eventually, once Ghost finishes the YouTube Link Donations, he'll either start drinking, smoking weed, take a break, or talk about serious subject matters. Often he'll do all of the listed actions at once, or talk serious subject matters before taking the video donations.

The video donation trolls have been frowned upon by both Ghost and his viewers for a variety of reasons. A few trolls have donated bait-and-switch videos containing disgusting material, which has greatly sickened Ghost and many of his viewers, some of which have quit watching because of this. Sometimes trolls (Typically newfags) have deliberately sent in video donations during Radio Graffiti to purposely irritate the RG fans.

When Ghost had his forums on Ghost.Report, he would occasionally do "Forum Shoutouts" (or twitter shoutouts when he, for a short time, had a new twitter account) and/or Radio Graffiti around the end of each show.


Listeners have addressed their disdain for StreamLabs/StreamElements, as the serious listeners can't listen to Ghost's market hour, and trolls who wanted to save Ghost's rage for Radio Graffiti. Ghost claims the reason he keeps TTS on is for fan interaction, but many theorize it's because of Ghost's Jewish tendencies to make money off his fans.

The listener base has been divided between Serious listeners, Newer Trolls, and Older Trolls.

Serious listeners often donate large sums of money (ranging anywhere between 25 to 100 dollars) to receive praise from Ghost and to show themselves off as being capitalists against the trolls. These people often get a negative reaction from the trolls in the chatroom and even get called out in TTS for it.

Older trolls have criticized the Newer trolls for giving money to Ghost, as well as their lack of knowledge of the show, often employing old worn out trolling tactics to even playing old splices on Radio Graffiti or when Ghost takes 15 Buckers. Old trolls feel the quality of the show had majorly dropped, with many no longer tuning in to the show.

Another form of criticism would be when TTS trolls would donate Youtube Links either during Radio Graffiti, or at the end to prolong the show even further, much to Ghost's and the listener's disdain as such donations can pile up to the point Ghost could be up past 3 A.M EST watching videos. Such incidents can make a single episode 6+ hours long with over half of the content YouTube Link Donations.

In late 2019, video pile ups have caused Ghost's anger to affect forum shoutouts and Radio Graffiti where he won't do either, or a show entirely from pure exhaustion, leading him to conduct one to two shows a week, with RG only a few times a month.


Drama has arisen because of the divide between New and Old trolls. Newer Trolls would occasionally call for a Troll War for multiple reasons. Some of these New Trolls who call for Troll War often don't know what a troll war even is, while those who do know call for one anyway without comprehending the implications of what a troll war could bring. But the main reason is that Ghost genuinely gets angry over cries for war. The term Troll War has evolved into another means of trolling Ghost.

Older Trolls have condemned the Newer Trolls for using such tactics as none wish for an actual Troll War to spark. Of course, warnings from Ghost and Old Trolls have fallen on deaf ears as the Newer Trolls use the term Troll War to anger Ghost and even go so far as a means of collateral to get Ghost to kneel to their demands. Such example of this is involved several Newer Trolls demanding Ghost to bring back the Saturday Night Troll Show, otherwise, a Troll War would happen. Ghost would give in, thus reviving the said show.

Other drama would include trolls exposing Ghost's serious listeners or closest fans by searching their YouTube names to find anything that would incriminate them and cause Ghost to rage, similar to the Thunderdomes in Ghost's Discord Chat.

Copyright Strikes

Copyright infringement has been a consistent issue for the show due to the new platform. Unlike BlogTalkRadio, which was usually lax on copyright, YouTube frequently flags TGS episodes that feature copyrighted music or clips either from media share, 12/15 Bucker YouTube donations, or on Radio Graffiti. These videos are subsequently taken down temporarily and get demonetized. Thanks to the TTS system however, this hasn't had much of an impact on Ghost's ability to make money from the show.

However, The Ghost Show Episode 71 was taken down not only for copyright infringement but as well as for violating YouTube's terms of service. It has been theorized that Ghost's channel was struck because of it, although the cause of the strike has yet to be known. The same would happen again on The Ghost Show Episode 118 as TTS trolls would donate copyright videos, causing the stream to be halted but not taken down completely.

It is possible that the trolls who donate copyright videos do it: for the sake of trolling, forcing Ghost to return to Vaughn permanently, or getting rid of him entirely.

Constant Migrations


While broadcasting The Ghost Show Episode 74, Ghost's livestream was taken down mid-show and has had his streaming privileges suspended for the week due to receiving a community guidelines strike for supposed "hate speech" due to newfags reporting his stream after he said faggot 3 times.

The next day, Ghost posted on his blog a rant about YouTube supposedly censoring him.

For Wednesday's broadcast, Ghost posted a link on his blog where he was going to be streaming, for the time being, announcing that he would be streaming from VaughnLIVE until further notice while uploading recent episodes on his BitChute account.

Despite his streaming privileges being reinstated the next week, Ghost continues to stream from VaughnLIVE and has essentially declared VaughnLIVE his new home for streaming The Ghost Show. He has stated that streaming on YouTube was essentially walking on eggshells, risking getting "censored", and that he prefers VaughnLIVE due to being a mom-and-pop store for streaming. Ghost would also post the archive of the Vaughn streams on his Bitchute. People have expressed their frustrations with Vaughn live, citing Cans Abuser and others to set up Relay Shows on YouTube for anyone not wanting to deal with Vaughn.Live.

Relay streams have been used as a method of trolling as anyone would donate a link to Ghost to click on his own stream, causing endless loops and echos, much to his rage. Initially it would be funny until the joke was run to the ground and even Ghost not making a big deal as he once did.

Return to YouTube

In early October, Vaughn.Live would experience technical issues with its servers due to not being able to handle a large influx of people from Ghost's audience. This would cause Ghost to return to YouTube for The Ghost Show Episode 108. Ghost would state firmly he would not take youtube donations anymore and wanted the show to be serious while keeping the SNTS on Vaughn. Of course people would continue to donate videos, returning the show to how it was at the beginning of the year.

Brief Move to Periscope and Then to DLive

After experiencing many issues with Vaughn.Live, Ghost decided that he had to move to another website to stream. He decided on streaming on Periscope around late February 2019. However, Ghost was quickly banned after streaming 2 episodes for allegedly racism or scamming. Ghost later went to DLive in March, where he has been streaming episodes ever since.

Second Return to YouTube

Due to Ghost and his chatroom being banned constantly from DLive, from trolls making racial slurs. Ghost took a brief hiatus in June 2021. After the hiatus, Ghost changed the format of the show. With racial slurs being censored and restricting video donations to avoid being hit with copyright infringement and getting banned from YouTube. Along with airing The Ghost Show on YouTube while the Saturday Night Troll Show stays on DLive. Many listeners wondered if Radio Graffiti and Shoutouts would be more longer with video donations being removed. However, when Ghost returned on June 29, 2021 with the airing of The Ghost Show Episode 233. Many donations replaced where the video donations left off with only a slight 3 hour difference compared to the previous 10+ hour long shows with video donations.

Brief Return to DLive and Return to VaughnLIVE

On August 3, 2021, Ghost was banned from YouTube again after Episode 241 of The Ghost Show was flagged for "Spam, deceptive practices, and scams". Ghost made a brief return to DLive until being banned on DLive for a week for hate speech around early September 2021. Ghost then returned to VaughnLIVE on September 7, 2021 after being worried that he would be banned permanently after the ban was lifted. With Ghost's return to VaughnLIVE however, Ghost made more infrequent airings of The Ghost Show. These infrequent shows which were caused by Ghost taking more breaks from the show (despite Ghost's promises to go "full throttle" throughout all of September). Along with Ghost's preference to post on his Twitter account, made less shows airing in September compared to when Ghost aired The Ghost Show on DLive back on August 2021.

Spin-Off Shows

In late July 2021, Ghost made two spin-off shows: Spontaneous Sunday Show and The Baller Friday Show. Both shows that have near identical formats to the Saturday Night Troll Show. Both shows were made after Ghost extended his show schedule to Fridays and Sundays. Due to Ghost's poor attendance on airing SNTS along with reduced show time.

The Death of The Ghost Show

During Episode 339 of TGS, drama occurred of Ghost receiving tons of donations mentioning that Al Chappers and DJ Launchpad were groomers and in the Inner Circle. Which resulted in Ghost being outraged and banning Al Chappers and DJ Launchpad. This caused Ghost to take a hiatus and eventually lead to Ghost also doing more episodes of True Capitalist Radio. With Ghost giving excuses over not being able to do longer shows anymore. The hiatus ended and the cancellation of The Ghost Show was confirmed on Capitalist Episode 707 of True Capitalist Radio. With Ghost changing TCR's schedule to Mondays to Fridays, ending The Ghost Show. In August 2023, after Ghost recieved a strike on his YouTube account for violating Terms of Service. Ghost made an anger laden post on making an official announcement of TGS being cancelled. After Ghost relapsed and attacked his audience by calling them manchildren and didn't want them watching True Capitalist Radio. Leading to many of his audience seeing how Ghost is acting how he did back in 2018.