The Ghost Show Episode 1

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Broadcast Number: 1

Broadcast Date: Monday, December 31st, 2018

Title: Happy New Year!

Duration: 4:02:23

Description: A new year, a new show! Ghost give his deep thoughts!

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Minutes before 2019 started, and almost 3 weeks since his last message on, Ghost hosted a livestream on YouTube, announcing that he was starting fresh with the impending New Year, stepping away from politics and his intense beliefs towards the end of True Capitalist Radio's run. He quickly went over the markets, then celebrated the new year, before promising to bring back audience interaction such as Radio Graffiti and Shoutouts in the near future. Ghost also had a new donation system set up where people could send him TTS messages through Streamlabs, with some donations reaching over $300. Ghost soon got irritated over people blowing fireworks in his area, causing him to attempt to call the Fireworks Police in San Antonio, to no avail.

After a short break, in which the Engineer took over the show, Ghost returned and decided to smoke some Tetrahydrocannabinol on the air yet again, due to it being only a fine if caught with it. Ghost smoked and drank for hours on end, repeatedly saying that he loved everyone, even those who think they're enemies with him over "social bullshit". Towards the end, Ghost begin to ramble and attempt to call more numbers, as well as hearing gunfire in the neighborhood. Ghost carried on for almost 4 hours before deciding to end the show. There were 25 cans in this episode, ranking it #5 on the Cans High Score list.


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