The Ghost Show Episode 322

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Broadcast Number: 322

Broadcast Date: Sunday, January 1st, 2023

Duration: 9:20:26

Title: First Show on the Year

Description: Ghost, once again, attempts to cover the stock and crypto markets. Ghost also attempts to do an actual show without the trolls turning it into a circus sideshow. And other political and social commentary! Maybe Radio Graffiti!

Aftershow: N/A

Links: The Internet Archive, Odysee, VaughnLIVE


This marks the first episode of the year along with the first time Ghost airs an episode on New Year's Day. Ghost would air the Ghosties on this day with Best Donor being the new category for the awards. This is the second time The Ghosties didn't air on New Year's Eve. During the show, Ghost was accused of rigging many categories of The Ghosties with many such as Ghost picking donor Winston Fujimori over YouTube personality Pipkin Pippa for Best Weeb (which was voted heavily by Ghost's audience). Along with Ghost giving himself Capitalist of the Year. This lead to Ghost proclaiming himself not a rigger by making his statement the title of the next show. WestCoastCapitalist returned during Radio Graffiti and was yelling at various callers after many criticised WCC.


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