The Ghosties (2011)

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The Ghosties
Celebrated byTrolls and capitalists.
First held 2011
Held whereTrue Capitalist Radio

The Ghosties were awards given out by Ghost to the listeners of his show during the year 2011. More information can be found here.

The show was on December 31st, 2011 at 5:30 PM, Eastern Standard Time. Voting was carried out by tweeting @GhostPolitics for the 24 hours before the show, using the hash tag #Ghosties.



Category Winner
Best Shout-Out Name Pooptickler
Best Remix DJ Alex S. - Melting Pot of Alcohol
Best Audio Splice Unnamed Paradox and SharpSplicer - Money, Success, Fame, Bronies
Best Fail Troll Guy
Best Transtesticle Tri$ha
Best Mexican Asho
Best Black Guy EquestrianCitizen978
Best Brony No-one (but formerly CelticBrony)
Most Memorable Meme of the Year Melting Pot of Friendship
Worst TCR character Nikolai
TCR Fan of the Year DarkRazorZ
TCR Troll of the Year Ghetto Capitalist
Capitalist of the Year Goku

Honorable Mentions

Category Honorable Mentions
Best Remix NavyHuskie - Taco Tuesday, Electric Fence Studios
Best Audio Splice The Harbingerr - Inspector Hambone
TCR Fan of the Year Gasgara, Suspicious Tumbleweed, MetroidJunkie2007, TheGuy1337


There have been allegations that Ghost had some level of bias or discrimination when selecting the winners for the Ghosties.

When questioned why one of PranksterPinkiePie's splices was not considered for Best Audio Splice, Ghost responds with, "Because he's a friggin brony!"

Moreover, winner of Best Black Guy was also met with hostility, as many listeners believe the winner, EquestrianCitizen978 (who had only been calling the broadcast for less than a month) was using a voice changer, and isn't an African-American. This theory turned out, in Episode 195, to be entirely correct. Nevertheless, Ghost did not revoke his award even after gaining knowledge of this.

Rescinded awards

Ghost later rescinded CelticBrony of his Best Brony award after his actions in instigating Troll War III. He was planning to hold new elections to give the title to another person, however this never happened as the show ended in May 2012 and he was too pissed off at the bronies to bother with it anyways.

Future Ghosties?

2012 did not have a Ghosties due to TCR's abrupt end, however when Ghost initially returned in 2015, he asked people to "inspire him to do another Ghosties". No Ghosties occurred in 2015, however once the show finally continued in 2016, Ghost stated that if Donald Trump wins the election, he would 100% do a Ghosties, and has consistently stated since Donald Trump's victory that he will do a Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve show. This would lead up to The Ghosties (2016) as well as The Ghosties (2017).