The Ghosties (2017)

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The Ghosties for 2017 was held during New Year's Eve, on December 31st, 2017. This was the third Ghostie awards conducted by Ghost, until Ghost came back with The Ghost Show and brought back The Ghosties in 2019.

The voting was carried out throughout the month of December. People could nominate who they wanted to win a Ghostie via their Gab account.


  • Best Shout-Out Name
  • Best Remix
  • Best Audio Splicer
  • Best Fail Troll
  • Best Transtesticle
  • Best Mexican
  • Best Brony
  • Best Black Guy
  • Most Memorable Meme
  • Worst TCR Character
  • TCR Fan of the Year
  • Chatroom of the Year
  • Troll of the Year
  • Capitalist of the Year


Category Winner Honorable Mentions
Best Shout-Out Name Mandalay Bay Bullet Buffet Knee Guards
Best Remix SharpSplicer - Look at my Gab! Twilie Atkins - Ride the white horse, Tyrian - Oh Myyyy (ft. Tub Guy)
Best Audio Splicer 8EqualHambone, Pylons Boat073
Best Fail Troll Serious Samsung N/A
Best Transtesticle Shelbu Twilie Atkins
Best Mexican EagleCock1776 Pet Mexican
Best Brony TheBronyNetwork N/A
Best Black Guy Oflameo (Renounced in May 2018) Tyrone
Most Memorable Meme Poz-Hole Fork You, Bald Ghost, Production Notes
Worst TCR Character Autism Spaghetti Kid
TCR Fan of the Year DistillingCapitalist N/A
Best Chatroom Inner Circle chat TCR Discord
TCR Troll of the Year Ajit Pai African Booty Scratcher
Capitalist of the Year CapitalistCap N/A

Controversy and Awards

As usual, many trolls and fans were quick to accuse Ghost of rigging the contest, particularly over choices such as the Inner Circle winning chatroom of the year, Ajit Pai winning Troll of the Year, among other picks. And as before, Ghost was quick to dismiss these claims. Some controversy was also caused over the Best Transtesticle award, as neither of the recipients were transtesticles.

Despite Ghost stating he would send out a physical Ghostie to those who won an award or an honorable mention, Ghost never ended up sending any out, and it seems unlikely he ever will.

Rescinded awards

On Episode 570, Ghost would announce on the air that due to some chatroom drama with an IC member, Oflameo, his award for Best Black Guy would be rescinded. It is unknown if he will award it to another individual instead, though it is unlikely due to Ghost not mentioning it since this date.