The Ghosties (2019)

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The Ghosties for 2019 was held during New Year's Eve, on December 31st, 2019. This was the fourth Ghostie awards since the last Ghosties from 2017.

The voting was carried out throughout the month of December. People could nominate who they wanted to win a Ghostie via the forums on


  • Best Shout-Out Name
  • Best Remix
  • Best Audio Splicer
  • Fail Troll of the year
  • TGS/SNTS Fan of the Year
  • Best Text to Speecher
  • Chatroom of the Year
  • Troll of the Year
  • Capitalist of the Year


Category Winner Honorable Mention
Best Shout-Out Name Spermy the Cat Ghost Soiled His Wheelchair, Banny_Gurz , Sharon Cox
Best Remix Ghost's Troll War March by J-Man Capitalist Home Depot Theme
Best Text to Speecher Dark Meme Magician Girl STMike The Meme Genie, GenoX1987
Best Audio Splicer Serious_Samsung Pylons
Fail Troll Of The Year Walls Fall Out Caller Doctor B, Giant, Asrielkekker
TGS/SNTS Fan of the Year Cans Abuser M. Cook
Best Chatroom YouTube/VaughnLIVE Chatroom Inner Circle
Troll of the Year Jackler N/A
Capitalist of the Year Distillin Ashley, Squat King, Twilie Atkins

Controversy and Awards

Because the forums were put in charge of nominations this year, no serious controversy happened on the show itself. But a couple months afterwards, Ghost revealed that he was "still printing them", and the trolls have egged him about it since. Due to the COVID-19 related lockdown in Texas, Ghost didn't send them in April 2020 and he hasn't done so since.