The Ghosties (2021)

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The Ghosties for 2021 was held on January 4th, 2022. This was the fifth Ghosties awards since the last Ghosties from 2019. Along with the only edition of The Ghosties that didn't air on New Year's Eve.

The voting was carried out throughout the month of December. People could nominate who they wanted to win via Twitter using the hashtag #Ghosties2021.


  • Best Shoutout Name
  • Best Remix
  • Best Splicer
  • Best Fail Troll
  • Best Transsexual
  • Best Black Guy
  • Best Mexican
  • Best Brony/Anime
  • Most Memorable Meme
  • Worst Ghost Show Character
  • Fan of The Year
  • Troll of The Year
  • Capitalist of the Year


Category Winner Honorable Mention
Best Shoutout Name Urine Egger ImmaRigger, Penis Shave
Best Remix Pantera Musical Blasphemy Home Depot Theme
Best Splicer MKUltra Cool Vibrations, Hat Kid
Best Fail Troll Froppy
Best Transsexual Piss Goblin Kyle Fluffington
Best Black Guy Cha Cha
Best Mexican Pablo The kid that sells candy apples on the corner
Best Brony/Anime Winston Fujimori GhostTranspacificWaifu
Most Memorable Meme Reviewbrah Keith Redford, Rem Lezar
Worst Ghost Show Character WestCoastCapitalist
Fan of The Year Jackler
Troll of The Year Petisss
Capitalist of The Year The 727 Caller


After the Ghosties ended. Many questioned Ghost's decision of choosing Jackler or Underdog for Fan of the Year. With many saying that Ghost rigged the results since Underdog had more votes than Jackler. A day later, Ghost responded on Twitter that he did not rig The Ghosties.