The Ghosties (2022)

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The Ghosties for 2022 was held on January 1st, 2023. This was the sixth Ghosties awards since the last Ghosties from 2021. This marks the second time The Ghosties didn't air on New Year's Eve.

The voting was carried out throughout the last week of December. People could nominate who they wanted to win via on the comments section of Ghost's article of his announcement of The Ghosties or on Ghost's YouTube and Instagram.


  • Best Shoutout Name
  • Best Remix
  • Best Splicer
  • Best Fail Troll
  • Best Transsexual/Gay/Lesbian/Them
  • Best Black Guy
  • Best Mexican
  • Best Brony/Anime Weeb
  • Most Memorable Meme
  • Worst Ghost Show Character
  • Fan of The Year
  • Troll of The Year
  • Best Donor of the Year
  • Capitalist of the Year


Category Winner Honorable Mention
Best Shoutout Name DeathTubeLax ILikeBlackEyes, IFakedTheRage
Best Remix Dull Care by Pink Sugar
Best Splicer HatKid Petisss
Best Fail Troll Elilenk EdwardMMOs GTR Republic
Best Transsexual/Gay/Lesbian/Them EvilMiera
Best Black Guy The Hitman Coz
Best Mexican The kid that sells candy apples and Tobacco, Sancho13
Best Brony/Anime Weeb Winston Fujimori AnonFilly
Most Memorable Meme Fetterman Ardhamon Takes Ghost to the Anime-con
Worst Ghost Show Character WestCoastCapitalist Winston Fujimori, Hank Hill
Fan of The Year Transboni Driver
Troll of The Year Ardhamon
Best Donor of The Year Shekelslovakia Winston Fujimori, GenoX1987, JSev, GhostTranspacificWaifu, HighCouncil
Capitalist of The Year Ghost, Tub Guy


Like many of the previous Ghosties award shows. Ghost was accused of rigging the Ghosties awards including: Best Weeb by picking Winston Fujimori, a donor of Ghost over PippaPipkin, a YouTuber who recieved many votes from Ghost's audience. Other awards such as Best Black Guy which was going to rapper Kanye West before Ghost forced it to go to "one of Ghost's blacks" called The Hitman Coz after calling West "Black Hitler", Worst TGS Character of Ghost stating Hank Hill was an honorable mention despite a very liked character by Ghost's audience, Fan of the Year in which Underdog received the most votes but was prevented from getting the award due to Ghost's biased hatred towards Underdog, and Capitalist of the Year also recieved the same flak. With Ghost giving himself Capitalist of the Year as seen by Ghost's audience as pathetic. Making it the most controversial Ghosties awards since Both The 2016 and 2017 Ghosties awards. A troll also sent a spliced audio of Ghost's grandson Tamale Boy on a Radio Graffiti episode where he complained about not winning Ghostie Award for Best Gay Person instead giving it to EvilMiera, a troon in Ghost's $300 Discord server, and because of this, Ghost wouldn't be invited to Tamale's gay wedding with a black guy, causing Ghost to rage.


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