The Ghosties (2023)

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The 2023 Ghosties was held on January 2nd, 2024. This was the seventh Ghosties awards since the last Ghosties from 2022. This marks the third time The Ghosties didn't air on New Year's Eve. Due to Ghost blaming someone for reporting him on Twitter for making racist comments on Irish people. This edition of the Ghosties also added more categories.

The voting was carried out similarly to the previous Ghosties with also people voting on Twitter.


  • Best Shoutout Name
  • Best Remix
  • Best Splice/AI Production
  • Best Fail Troll
  • Best Transsexual/Gay/Lesbian/Them
  • Best Black Guy
  • Best Mexican
  • Most Memorable Meme
  • Worst Ghost Show/TCR Character
  • Best Radio Graffiti Caller
  • Fan of The Year
  • Troll of The Year
  • Best Donor/Donation
  • Best VTuber
  • Best Anime Bro/Brony/or Other Animated Fandom
  • Best Chatter
  • Best TCR/TGS Chatroom
  • Capitalist of the Year


Category Winner Honorable Mention
Best Shoutout Name Anything with rockape Anything with JagtheLuxray
Best Remix Ghost AI - 'My Way' by Frank Sinatra Illegals in my yard
Best Splice/AI Production Any kind of Helmet Boy Collabs proudbaddragon69
Best Fail Troll Berry Blackberry Yackass
Best Transsexual/Gay/Lesbian/Them Ghost's Gay Nephew Froppy
Best Black Guy Hitmancoz Ghost's Gay Nephew's Boyfriend
Best Mexican Ghost's Candy Apple Kid Sancho13, and BN King
Best Anime Bro/Brony/or Other Animated Fandom Winston Fujimori Anonfilly
Most Memorable Meme Masturbating Hippo Anything to do with Popeyes
Worst Ghost Show/TCR Character Al Chappers JagtheLuxray
Fan of The Year Winston Fujimori
Troll of The Year Helmet Boy The fake JMoney and Katena Ikegami
Best Donor/Donation of The Year Prolapsed pete Haywood
Best Radio Graffiti Caller proudbaddragon69 GhostoMajima
Best VTuber Pipkin Pippa GX Aura
Best Chatter Mama Luigi Weegee Slayer
Best TCR/TGS Chatroom Vaughn Chat DLive
Capitalist of The Year Haywood


The unbiased version of this controversy section can be found within the Discussions tab, here.

Due to the amount of videos donated this stream Ghost was unable to announce TCR/TGS fan of the year and Capitalist of the year. He would eventually announce the two award winners in The Ghost Show Episode 357.

Rem Lezar did receive the most votes out of his Ghosties for Best Mexican, due to Ghost refusing to acknowledge that Rem Lezar is Mexican. Rem Lezar has quoted on X that "I am a Mexican".

Anon Filly received the most votes for Best Anime Bro/Brony/or Other Animated Fandom. But was given to Winston Fujimori due to it being a Winston Fujimori paid for award, marking it two years in a row for said award not to go to the viewer with the most votes. Viewers claim on X that the award was rigged from the start while others claim, Ghost gave it to Winston Fujimori to piss off viewers.

The Fan of the Year in which Underdog received the most votes for the third straight year but was prevented from getting the award due to Ghost's biased hatred towards Underdog along with what some viewers see as jealousy from Ghost's part towards Underdog. This marks Underdog as the only viewer in the history of The Ghost Show to have not received the award for the category despite said viewer had the most votes in the category for three years in a row.

Best Remix real winner based on vote tallies was any Ghost AI song but instead of making it a broad away for all, it was given to Ghost AI - 'My Way' by Frank Sinatra. In which viewers were confused.