Fourth TCR Cold War

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Fourth TCR Cold War
Inner Circle vs Former Inner Cirle/Boomer Meme Squad
Date May 5th, 2018 - December 31st, 2018
Location Gab, TCR, Discord Servers, 4chan
Status Many Inner Circle members are purged

Shoutouts and Radio Graffiti get removed

Members in the TCR Chatroom Thunderdomed

Oflameo and BN banned from both chatrooms

Doxing of InsaneEnergy released, Dox of Kush leaked in retaliation

Inner Circle members leave due to drama

Many sockpuppet accounts are made on Gab and Discord to troll the Inner Circle and Ghost

True Capitalist Radio ends

Ghost plans to shut down all of his accounts and leave the internet, later returns to post on Gab

Ghost assumed to be doxed

Ghost moves on to YouTube and starts his new show, The Ghost Show

Inner Circle

The TCR Discord

Ex-Inner Circle members

Boomer Meme Squad

Several Trolls

The Free TCR Discord


InsaneEnergy (later defected)

Terry A Davis


Mile High


The remaining Inner Circle members

The members of the TCR Discord

Many ex-Inner Circle Members

Members of the Free TCR Discord

A few remaining trolls

Casualties and losses
InsaneEnergy (Old dox released, only photos posted, later left the community on his own and eventually defected)

Many Inner Circle members (Left due to drama, some defected)

True Capitalist Radio

Ghost's internet presence (planned shutdown)

Ghost's potential dox

TCR Chat members Thunderdomed

Oflameo (Doxed)

Kush (Dox leaked on 4chan)

Many Inner Circle members (Purged)

KingFish (Left due to drama)

The Fourth TCR Cold War was a conflict and event between Ghost, the Inner Circle and ex-members of the group who turned against him and the group's members, as well as many members of Ghost's former audience. This incident directly follows the TCR Chatroom Cold War, as well as the Inner Circle purges that happened frequently throughout 2017 and 2018. This conflict is notable in that it would involve all sides of the community from trolls to Inner Circle members in one form or another.

The name TCR Cold War comes from the fact that despite tensions, a large scale conflict had been avoided for a very long time, much like in the real Cold War, with many proxy battles in between.


Starting in Early 2017, Ghost began purging the Inner Circle of those who were deemed too immature for the group, people who tried to troll the group, or some who tried to ruin their business operations, such as Cryptocurrency. Some were placed on what was dubbed the "Inner Circle Short Bus", and up until June 2017, purges were frequent and many long-time members of the Inner Circle, as well as many long-time fans and members of the community, were removed from the Inner Circle chat. This caused a significant amount of drama that led to the Second TCR Cold War, with several Inner Circle members being doxed by disgruntled ex-members and trolls alike. Following the show's hiatus, the purges died down a bit, however began to pick back up again in Early 2018 following the start of Ghost's Discord.

Ghost's Independence

on March 30, 2018, Ghost would air his final show on BlogTalkRadio, citing how the company got bought out by a competitor company, Spreaker, and that he wouldn't get monetized for his show any longer. Because of this, it would lead to Ghost to pursue his own broadcasting operation independent from any other podcast website. For the next month, Ghost would host two streams on Gab and one on YouTube, expressing his displeasure for both sites.

On Cinco de Mayo, Ghost would host another Gab stream, discussing the future of the show, including cutting Radio Graffiti, pointing out the lack in quality it had gotten during his comeback, as well as no longer wanting to appease those who wish to troll him and go into a more serious direction.

The following Monday, Ghost would host his first independent broadcast, Episode 563 on In the following episodes to come, to compensate for the lack of Radio Graffiti, Ghost would either read the headlines on The Drudge Report, take Gab Questions, and even calling a sex hotline to demonstrate how to pick up women. Because of the drastic change to drop Radio Graffiti, many of the listener base would stop listening to TCR, while the remaining serious listeners would start tuning in more often.

Ghost's Discord and the Thunderdomes

Main Page: Ghost's Discord

Tard Holocaust

Adolf Ghostler persecutes Man Child, colorized 1940

Ghost's Discord was a premium chatroom started by Ghost in February 2018 for $5 a month. It closed at an unknown time in late 2018 due to drama and Ghost's banning from Gab. This chatroom was initially advertised as being for everyone, with the threat of banning or doxing being shot down very quickly by Ghost and the moderators of the chatroom. However, over time, especially starting in May 2017, an "Anti-Manchild Uprising" began in the chat, as many members of the chatroom, Inner Circle and non-Inner Circle, would take Ghost's views on autists and manchildren to heart and became fed up with the amount of people joining who were bronies, anime watchers, or people who had sexual interests in cartoons, even if it was for the smallest of reasons, such as an account on a suspicious site.

One tard enters, all tards leave

On the night of May 14th, following a particular incident, a 'mob rules' system was initiated which eventually led to the idea of the "Tard Thunderdomes", a regular event in the chat where members would attempt to confront people who had potential manchild behavior exposed, with most incidents ending in the accused leaving the chatroom. The Thunderdomes were means of interrogating members by going through their public social media accounts and sharing them with the rest of the chat and later humiliating and ridiculing said victims to the point where they would leave the chatroom for good. Some would slip out of the chatroom to avoid confrontation all together, however this was very infrequent. Others would attempt to stand their ground, which often led to Ghost or one of the mods banning them regardless.

Some members would name themselves Tard(Wrangler/Zoo Keeper/Bounty Hunter/etc.) as means of flushing out cartoon watchers and autists.

Much of the motive behind purges was to follow Ghost's example of no longer tolerating anyone they deem to be autistic, and supporting the idea of bullying autists so they could grow up and stop acting the way they do. Over time, this began to cause much controversy and criticism from people outside the chatroom, with some members leaving the chat out of disgust for the direction it had gone, whereas others had become tired with the amount of Thunderdomes that were happening. Many of the Inner Circle members who participated in these Thunderdomes would later be the ones banned from the group.

Oflameo Incident

Prior to Episode 570, Oflameo, an Inner Circle member, would annoy much of the other members of the chat, notably for charging people for a download of Ghost's archives, with many in the chat deeming him autistic. Ghost would be initially sympathetic towards Oflameo, letting him stay on the condition that he took a break from the chat for a few weeks. He would leave claiming he would become a better capitalist, however he would soon be caught saying ill things towards in the former fan made TCR Chatroom from the TCR Chatroom Cold War. This would prompt Ghost to start off an episode ranting on autism and Oflameo, stating how dangerous they are to society.

Aggravated, Ghost would call up Oflameo, confronting him live on the show. However, Oflameo's connection was poor quality, with Ghost asking "What are you talking about?" repeatedly. What was interpreted was that Oflameo was blaming Ghost for the recent school shootings and how he incited violence through his show, as well as making death threats against him regarding his remarks on autistics.

Finally, after a half hour, Ghost would hang up on him and share his real life pictures on social media publicly, doxing Oflameo. This would also prompt him of being stripped of his 2017 Ghostie for Best Black Guy, and banned from the Inner Circle.

Brony Network Controversy

During the initial purgings and Thunderdomes of the TCR Chatroom, several members would confront BN King due to his brony status, as well as some questionable posts on his DeviantArt account. He would be quick to defend himself and prevent any trouble from coming his way.

Following this, BN King would seemingly distance himself from the brony fandom, siding with Ghost. This would be seen as an act of betrayal to many of the bronies and trolls. This would be further agitated as BN King would hire TCR and IC members, such as DistillingCapitalist, as moderators for his stream chat who would argue with or straight up ban anyone talking bad about Ghost. Later in the month of May, BN King would rebrand himself as Bitcoin Nation King and his channel as Capitalist Nation Network. This would please Ghost and both chatrooms, while others disapproved.

However, it would be revealed that BN King was still streaming My Little Pony and doing Anime nights privately. He would then be sent to the Thunderdome and confronted by everyone in the chat, and eventually an "Inner Circle Trial" would be held for him. BN King would be kicked from both chats soon after. He made a gab post, stating that he was done relaying streams and that he would take a month off from social media. Ghost would discuss the incident in detail on Episode 601, claiming that BN King had been exposed as a fan of anime in the past and had been confronted over it, revealing that the rebranding of his channel was a condition he had agreed to meet to remain in the Inner Circle. In the end he would be banned from both chatrooms

Since his ban from the IC, BN King has quit streaming, and unlisted all of his TCR videos.

After Ghost started The Ghost Show in 2019, BN King has regularly appeared in the YouTube chatroom and he called in during Radio Graffiti on The Ghost Show Episode 3, showcasing that he was now in good terms with Ghost. On Episode 15, he would donate claiming he was still a Brony, causing some rage and confusion from Ghost.

The Fight For Radio Graffiti

In the months of May-June, during shoutouts, several names would mention the possible return of Radio Graffiti. Ghost would state he was capable of doing it, but did not want to as he did not want to entertain autists. Names would come saying people would pay for merchandise to bring back Radio Graffiti. This would cause Ghost to rage, mentioning how he used to receive 4000 dollars a month from Blogtalk, which served as an incentive to do Radio Graffiti. Since he was independent and didn't make any revenue from his show, he refused to do Radio Graffiti for free.

Names would continue mentioning to bring back Radio Graffiti, prompting Ghost to set up a poll on Gab, asking whether people wanted it back or not. Although the poll resulted in 46% yes, 50% no, and 4% abstained(despite people making multiple Gab accounts to rig the vote), Ghost would take into account the many Yes votes and tease the possible return of the Saturday Night Troll Show. He announced on the show that he would be uploading a video with more information the following day, however this would never happen.

On Episode 577, to the surprise of many, Ghost would conduct the first session of Radio Graffiti since his last show on BTR. This would come at a price as Ghost explained that in order for Radio Graffiti to continue, people must donate to his crypto currency Wishing Well on Although very few people would donate, leaving Radio Graffiti's future in doubt. Later in the month of June, Ghost would state how he was done with Shoutouts and Radio Graffiti for good due to the low donations, reaffirming his stance on not wanting to entertain autists. This would be the final push against the remaining trolls that listened to his show, making it a serious show for the serious members.

He would do shoutouts on and off for the chatroom exclusively and do Radio Graffiti once in July, but both segments would be lackluster with the lack of trolls.

TonyTalk and the Troll Migration

Artistic representation of Tony

TonyTalk is an Italian BTR host from Boston who first joined in May 2018. His show mostly consists of him taking calls and giving advice. Although he wasn't known about much at first, Tony got more attention when he started getting hit with trolls shortly after Ghost removed Radio Graffiti and Shoutouts from his own show. Lightning Note was the initial uploader of edited segments of TonyTalk onto YouTube due to requests to do so, while a few other channels dedicated to Tony would start uploading full shows onto YouTube as well.

Many have theorized that Tony could perhaps be Ghost himself doing one of his many characters, much like Fat Tuna. This however has been proven false since most of the connections between Tony and Ghost don't match, such as Tony's residence, politics, and lack of Ghost's own personality and mannerisms. This is also supported by the fact that Tony rarely ever drinks alcohol, unlike Ghost. Additionally, there have been times where Tony's show and Ghost's show have been on at the same time.

TonyTalk was a means of being a replacement for trolling Ghost, much like the Psychic Kay and Caiden Cowger raids from 2012.

Cloning and Inner Circle Purge

During Episode 607, Ghost became frustrated during the show at people cloning InsaneEnergy's name and avatar in the chat, muting and woodshedding anyone who partook in it, followed by rage quitting almost 30 minutes early. The following day, many members of the Inner Circle were purged, or left on their own accord, following the chat logs being purged by the current admin of the chat, KingFish. Ghost would explain on the following show, Episode 608, that these members had formed a group around the "30 year old boomer" meme and the Monster Energy Drink can, talking about the situation that went down in the chat revolving around the members (under pseudonyms), and going off on Millennials in general, as almost all of the involved people had been millennials.

Doxing and Future Drama

Following their banning from the group, many ex-members moved to the former Official TCR Chatroom, where many of them began to make sockpuppet Gab accounts to troll Ghost, and other Inner Circle members. In addition, some of these members cloned Ghost's Discord username and profile picture, raiding the 42 coin chatroom and spamming it to troll Ghost and other Inner Circle members who had remained.

This would eventually escalate on Episode 616, where Ghost talked about "Cyber-stalking" and how he felt many of these people were taking the same approach to him, threatening to release the doxes of some of these individuals on Friday depending on a choice made in the TCR Chatroom. The next show, Episode 617, Ghost would state that he wouldn't release the info publicly, but instead have people pay $5 in crypto per dox of the individuals involved.

After the show however, Kush, a notable former Inner Circle member and admin for both chatrooms, returned to Gab to say he had contacted Andrew Torba, the founder of Gab, and that Ghost would be potentially banned from the service if he released the info. Due to this, Ghost did not release it officially, however following posts on 4chan made with InsaneEnergy's dox, Kush's dox would leak out from an unknown source. A few days later, some new sockpuppet accounts appeared on Gab, taking the names of other IC members and joining the TCR Discord to troll, however they were swiftly banned by Ghost.

Following this, the drama seemingly cooled off for the time being, with some Inner Circle members voluntarily leaving the group to avoid getting involved with the drama, as many Inner Circle members that had little to do with the group were doxed during the Second TCR Cold War.

After the midterms, InsaneEnergy left the community. He emphasized the lack of hard feelings and just stated he was moving on, however over the next week, Ghost's rants on the show would intensify, and he would take a vastly different political stance on some issues compared to where he stood on them before, i.e. wanting the migrant caravans to come into America to replace the "lazy" population, while benefiting the Capitalists with cheaper, more efficient workers. He would also begin including Generation Z in his rants about Millenials that he had been doing since the IC purgings in August, leading some to speculate it was over Insane's departure from the community. After a week of this, Ghost ended True Capitalist Radio, seemingly for good this time.

Over the next few days, Ghost began gabbing many articles about Millenials and Gen Z'rs, painting them in a negative light with many posts. This was met with criticism from some long-time listeners, such as InsaneEnergy, leading to Ghost threatening him on Gab with contacting his parents. Following further backlash, Ghost announced that he would be leaving the internet entirely on November 20th, stating that he "did what he could". However, a few days later, Ghost posted "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane, suggesting that he may not be leaving the internet after all. This was reinforced when on November 26th, Ghost deleted his post announcing he was leaving, and began going on another spree of Gab posts.

Pizza time!

Pizza Parker

Around this time, a user by the name of Pizza Parker would come on to troll either Inner Circle, Former Inner Circle, and Ghost with pizza related posts as a way to derail from the arguments on Gab and 4chan.

November 2018 Ghost Doxing Incident

Main Article: November 2018 Ghost Doxing Incident

The November 2018 Ghost Doxing Incident is an event that began on November 27th, 2018, directly following The Fourth TCR Cold War, and carrying over much of the same drama.

Ghost began to release some of InsaneEnergy's personal information early in the morning of November 27th. In response, Insane would report Ghost to Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab, leading to Ghost removing these posts in fear of getting banned. Later that day, a dox dating back to May 2017 from a group called Friday Panic began circulating again, along with a Paypal receipt for an Inner Circle slot released by an anonymous ex-Inner Circle member, which revealed the name of a store he possibly owns in San Antonio. The dox lead to the alias of Jason Deleon, with many speculating that the old dox could in fact be real. InsaneEnergy uploaded a video on his Youtube account that let the community know about the dox. Ghost's account was closed soon after either due to Insane contacting Andrew Torba or the release of the dox. His Gab handle was subsequently taken over by a troll called RifleKickSix.

On November 28th, a new account under the handle @GhostPolitics that was created in September activated and released two tweets, stating that a "Faggot Millennial" had gotten his account banned, calling out the person that took his handle and saying that he didn't give a fuck that he was doxed.

Later in the day, Ghost updated the About page on to state that his Gab had been banned for "Making fun of Autistic Trash", proving that Insane and others contacting Andrew Torba led to Ghost's removal from the platform, though some have questioned the validity of Ghost's claim that he was banned, with some suggesting that he may have deleted the account following the release of the dox. Ghost has not officially confirmed the validity of the dox on, even after the release of the Message from Ghost.

On November 30th, the @GhostPolitics account became active again. This time, it congratulated the trolls for finally doxing him, claiming that he will be leaving chatrooms and social media for good and potentially continuing his internet activity through He also berated how millenials were obsessed with sexbots, how a recent earthquake in Alaska was likely a sign from god, and how people should get over the fact that he was playing a character in the show all the time. A few hours later, the account 404'd, indicating that it was either banned by Gab or deleted. Shortly after the disappearance of this account, a troll would also occupy this alternate Gab username.

This account was almost certainly created by a troll, as much of the rhetoric seemed forced, and Ghost denied that he was doxed after he started The Ghost Show.

The Twilie Files

On the hunt of a rare Ghostie

As with most doxes involving Ghost, the validity of this information has been called into question by some people whether Ghost was indeed Jason, given that much of the information given on Jason contradicts much of the information that Ghost has given about himself on the show. The doxed individual was in his 40's, while most of the information on the show suggests that Ghost is somewhere in his 60's-70's at this point if it is believed he actually served in Vietnam, and some have suggested that Ghost is actually the father of the doxed individual who is at his late 60's, which matches the information provided by Ghost. Ghost's Son is also likely in his 40's at this point, based on the stories Ghost has told on the show about them playing retro Video Games together and his son's involvement in the hip hop and grunge subcultures.

In order to put theories to rest, Twilie Atkins conducted an investigation about the validity of this and other suggested doxes by visiting several businesses Ghost supposedly owns or regularly visits in the San Antonio area. She came back from this investigation empty handed as the dox lead to a dead end. The antique business that was in the Paypal receipt turned out to be a dead business that was closed about half a decade ago and, quite fittingly, was located in an abandoned mall that is rumored to be haunted. Twilie also doubted that Ghost would be able to impersonate another business so easily, though InsaneEnergy responded how he didn't think this was that unlikely.

Twilie would continue her search asking people in the area on what they know about Jason and the antique shop, often coming to the same conclusion from the locals how the shop closed down years ago. She would also visit the Alamo along the way, as Ghost stated his lineage goes back to the Texas Martyrs and how his name is on a plaque there. After cross referencing, she couldn't find a match with DeLeon, leading to another dead end and the validity of the dox left to speculation and as a method of trolling.

After The Ghost Show was launched, Ghost has now denied that he was doxed, though some people still believe that the dox was valid and he's just denying the dox to avoid further harassment. Ghost referred to the doxed person as "some guy who owns a bar" and told the trolls to quit harassing him.

The Ghost Show

After Ghost ended TCR from lack of people listening to him, he would take a month off from the internet. Many perceived that this would be his permanent departure, but surprised many with a New Years broadcast of The Ghost Show, claiming that any drama he had with people was water under the bridge, and even going far as claiming not to hate on autists as much in the past. With the return of Shoutouts and Radio Graffiti, this would be seen as an act of Ghost trying to bring back his audience from before he left Blogtalk, bringing an end to most drama in the community, however it is uncertain whether this relative peace will continue.