The Keith Redford Incident

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The Keith Redford Incident
Date August 8, 2021
Location The Ghost Show
  • Ghost's attempt to frame Petisss as the culprit failed.
  • Elfoxoloco posted a video revealing the events that led to this incident, contradicting Ghost's claim that he didn't impersonate Keith Redford
Keith Redford Ghost

On August 8, 2021, during the Spontaneous Sunday Show Episode 7, someone claiming to be Keith Redford called in to Radio Graffiti, visibly upset, accusing Ghost of impersonating him.


Years after the events of The Hunt For Ghost's Son Incident, on the Saturday Night Show Episode 42, a video of another supposed dox was donated to Ghost. The video featured the same man from Ghost's "Pic of me during #Christmas" tweet. This man was later revealed as Keith Redford, the father of a former Inner Circle member who was responsible for leaking the IC email list.

While trolls were busy trolling Ghost with the new-founded theory that Ghost was Keith Redford (not knowing about the relation to the former IC member), someone had contacted Keith Redford to call into Radio Graffiti after a YouTube account claiming to be Keith posted a comment on a video that a troll named Petisss made.

The Call

During the call, Keith revealed that the impersonation has impacted his employment as an actor, stating that it screwed up a movie deal, as well as he and his family enduring harassment from the trolls, revealing he was doxxed.

Attempted framing of Petisss

After the call, Ghost attempted to use this incident to frame Petisss as an excuse to kick him from the Thunderdome for supposedly being the culprit, despite overwhelming evidence of the contrary. This became a full-blown Thunderdome session, and various viewers accused Ghost of having a kangaroo court, even as far as claiming that Ghost attempted to rig a Twitter poll related to Petisss's fate (which ended in keeping Petisss on the Thunderdome thanks to the efforts of various trolls).