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Current Outer Circle Logo
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The Outer Circle is the trolls' own counterpart to Ghost's Inner Circle, run by Jackler. Jackler has specified that the only ways to get in are to either pay "1/6" of the IC price ($50) via his Patreon found at: , or be picked from the crowd at random (Usually from a list of trolls who have gone above and beyond with trolling Ghost).

There is an age restriction for this discord where you have to be 18 years of age or over, even if you purchase an OC slot via the Patreon, if you're under the age of 18: you will be refused entry with no chance of a refund. (And if you've already been accepted into the OC and have been discovered to be under the age of 18, you will be banned without notice)


The group remains secretive about their members and only a handful of people are currently known to be accepted to the Outer Circle.

Known Captains

Other Known members

Left, Kicked, or Banned

  • Twilie Atkins (Left, joined the Inner Circle)
  • Asrielkekker (Banned after an update to the rules about needing to be the age of 18 or older to join)
  • 卐 Captain Autism 卐 (Left shortly after age requirements were put into place, reasons unknown)
  • King Demopann/Acousto (Banned after an update to the rules about needing to be the age of 18 or older to join.)


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