"The Po' " (sometimes described as "the so-called po' in America") is a derogatory term used by Ghost to refer collectively to the poorest segment of the American population, especially poor urban African-Americans. The term is, of course, a corruption of "the poor" as spoken in a stereotypical black dialect. Ghost frequently blames this group for being a major contributor to Junkyard America.

"The po', baby! The po'!"


Meaning of the Term

Ghost uses the term predominantly to distinguish, at least in his opinion, the "poor" in the United States from actual poor people in the Third World.

Usually he comments on the amenities many of the poor in America have compared to the third world, such as electricity, running water, and access to so much food that many of the poor are actually overweight due to their easy access to fast food.

From this point, Ghost usually brings in welfare, and rants about the sense of entitlement "the po' " have concerning this assistance. He often rages at poor people who are too lazy to get jobs and "mooch" off the government, rather than being capitalists, but also rails against poor people who use their welfare for capitalist purposes (i.e. Ghetto Capitalist).

Occasionally Ghost uses the term to refer to groups in the US other than urban blacks, mostly "hippies" who complain about being poor despite not actually being so, such as Occupy Wall Street protestors, and occasionally White Trailer Trash. These other uses of the term, however, are rare. Due to its racial connotations, the term is sometimes brought up when discussing allegations of racism.

Ghost's Plan for the Po'

Ghost has sometimes laid out his own plans for the group. Above all else, Ghost's plan for the poor is to eliminate welfare as it currently exists, ending the stereotypical welfare abuses that Ghost bases his depiction of "the po' " off. Sometimes he follows this by stating that the government should replace financial welfare with rations of horse meat, with the idea that this would discourage all but the most desperate from seeking it. This part of the plan has inevitably been tied in with Ghost's hatred of My Little Pony, and he has explicitly stated that if the show's characters were real, he would "feed [them] to the homeless".

As part of his capitalist ideals, Ghost believes that "we should be demanding opportunity", and that if everyone accepted these ideals there would be no more po'. While Ghost himself has acknowledged that not everyone can be a capitalist, he still supports various efforts to get the poor into independence, especially in getting them jobs. Ghost seems to believe that there are plenty of jobs for the poor, and that they are simply too lazy to seek them.

Notable "Po' "