The WestCoastCapitalist Incident

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The WestCoastCapitalist Incident

Date August 15, 2021
Location The Spontaneous Sunday Show
  • Ghost reveals and played back recordings made on the Inner Circle voice chat that involved WCC
  • WCC threatened a lawsuit against Ghost.
  • The full IC recording was leaked on Ghost's chatango chatroom
WestCoastCapitalist Ghost
The Inner Circle
Casualties and losses
WestCoastCapitalist None

The WestCoastCapitalist Incident was a major incident that exposed former serious caller WestCoastCapitalist.


WestCoastCapitalist was a regular Serious Caller on The Ghost Show from the state of California, usually calling from a mobile number. He at first got along with Ghost and Ghost would allow him to co-host radio graffiti.

The First Mishap

On The Ghost Show Episode 218, during Radio Graffiti, Ghost accidentally revealed the FreeConferenceCall window, which showed WestCoastCapitalist's number, and it seemed like he let Ghost off the hook for that mishap.

WCC Joins The Inner Circle

As a joke, a troll donated the $300 required to join the Inner Circle, stating it was for WestCoastCapitalist. After he joined the Inner Circle, this triggered a series of events which would lead into the day of the incident, which Ghost's viewers were becoming increasingly interested in knowing, only for Ghost to state that it was Inner Circle business and that they were not privy to this.

Day of the Incident

On the Spontaneous Sunday Show Episode 8, during Radio Graffiti, WestCoastCapitalist calls in, revealing his frustration with Ghost and the Inner Circle, and it escalated to a heated argument, which ended with Ghost hanging up the FreeConferenceCall session used for Radio Graffiti.

Ghost then played back recordings of the Inner Circle voice chat sessions involving West Coast Capitalist, further revealing that WCC was an alcoholic, using the money he gained from collecting cans to purchase beer. It was also revealed in these recordings that WCC was a furry, claiming he has a wolf-type fursona, and has a thing for cartoon pornography of multiple well-known franchises (e.g Mickey Mouse), and he was contemplating committing suicide.

The aforementioned recording was leaked on Ghost's chatango chatroom that he uses during livestreams that same night.

Leaked Recording

The leaked recording reveals that WCC confronted Ghost about his number getting leaked, as well as confronting Ghost about his ableist attitude against mentally disabled people, as well as numerous Inner Circle members attempting to "correct" WCC, notably TGOR and Trenchman.