Third World

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The Third World is a term that was coined during the Cold War, to refer to countries that did not either ally themselves with the United States of America (the First World) or the Soviet Union (the Second World). Nowadays, due to the large number of countries in the Third World that are extremely poor, the term is used to refer to any undeveloped or developing country, often pejoratively. Most often, the term refers to the poorer countries of Africa and Asia, and possibly Southern America as well.

Ghost's Opinions

Whenever Ghost starts ranting about the poor in America, he will often bring up Third World as a counter-example, to show the relative comfort that the American poor has in relation, hence why he has no sympathy for the American poor. Ghost believes that the suffering of the people in the Third World is far more deserving of his sympathy than the "So-Called Po" in America, and affirms his belief that the "Po" in America are all too lazy to just get a job.

One of Ghost's favourite examples is the ubiquity of fast food dollar menus in America, and the amount of fat poor people in the "ghettos" and "barrios" related to them, in comparison to the amount of people starving to death in the Third World.

Ghost rarely, if ever, refers to any Third World country by name, instead referring to them all collectively as "the Third World". There were a few situations where Ghost referred to Africa (though no one country is specified), Cambodia and Thailand as poor countries, but mostly he only ever just uses "the Third World" to refer to them collectively.

Ghost also rarely ever talks about how to alleviate Third World poverty or make any suggestions himself on how to help them. Ghost also never seems to talk about making any steps himself to help the unfortunates in the Third World, or donate to any charities trying to help communities living there, only ever bringing them out so he use them to castigate the American poor, and his usual target of welfare collectors.

Current United States President Donald Trump caused a lot of controversy with calling Third World countries "shitholes" in early 2018. This ended up sparking outrage from leaders who come from poor countries, such as Haiti.