Thunderdome Cold War

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Thunderdome Cold War
The Thunderdome and/or Inner Circle vs The Ponydome
Date August 31, 2020 - Ongoing
Location Discord Servers, Element Servers, TCR, TGS, SNTS, the True Capitalist Wiki
Status The long peace of TGS is ended

The bronies of the Thunderdome kicked

PeppermintSwirl made outcast and doxed

The Ponydome/Ghost Show Bronies is created

Memes about bronies being pedophiles and/or manipulators massively spread

The Discord Thunderdome is taken offline

The Thunderdome

The Ponydome


Wings of Ghost's Son

Pro. Raptor

MAGA Brony




Bob Tom

Chicago Cowboy (formerly)

A majority of the Ghost Community

Ghostpolitics's stream

A majority of the bronies of Ghost's Community

(Allegedly) A few neutral parties, relayers, and trolls

Casualties and losses
Captain Autism (Leaked selfie and leaked information regarding him formerly being a brony and having a fat fetish)

The Thunderdome Server (Supposedly taken down by the bronies' mass reporting however this took place during a mass discord ban wave across the whole platform, was replaced by the Element Thunderdome)

PeppermintSwirl (Doxed and swatted)

Chicago Cowboy (Doxed)

SunburstUnicorn (Doxed, left the community)

The Thunderdome Cold War is an ongoing conflict of sparring and conflicts between the bronies of Ghost's community, and the Thunderdome. Many have thought that this long era of conflicts between the estranged bronies of Ghost's community and Ghostpolitics and his trolls would result in a Troll War IV, but so far it has relatively been surprisingly dox-free aside from the occasional spy-ops from both sides. Tensions are still ongoing between both sides and so far, there has been no sign of either stopping.

This article is a work in progress, and will be updated with further information in the future.