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Tison Rockit was a former Serious Caller and later a troll known for voicing Shower Guy. Tison has also done other voices like Elmo. He first appeared as a serious caller on April 25, 2016. He is used to be a furry until he left the fandom due to all the drama that frequently surrounded it. He used to upload Radio Graffiti and Twitter Shoutouts that were unedited and uncut, but these were deleted from his channel after he left the community.

Serious Caller Era

Tison was originally a serious caller on TCR. Mainly for supporting Ghost and hating on the trolls. He also was singing for Ghost a few times. He did one time botch his vocals when he was singing "Wheel In The Sky" by Journey, which apparently was the last time he became a serious caller.

Shower Guy

Tison returned to True Capitalist Radio after not appearing for over a month. He returned and voiced Shower Guy (a parody of Tub Guy). He has called in as Shower Guy several times. Last time he has done Shower Guy was when he was supporting Donald Trump.

TCR Discord Chatroom

On June 7, 2016, Tison created his own TCR Discord Chatroom. Although, there has been many TCR Discord chatroom, Tison's TCR Discord Chatroom is the most popular. Reaching almost 200 members on his chat. Some well-known TCR are in it as well. Like Godzilla3709, G, BN King, etc. This Discord Chatroom would be shut down in Mid-Late Janurary 2017. Though he would make a new one not too long after (This Discord was later known by the name La Casa De Trolls). On February 14th, in the aftermath of most people on Sharpsplicers Discord disagreeing with the banning of KingEdUndead, they decided to move to Tison’s new discord. The drama that occured that night lasted for 7 hours before #TS called it quits, and most people migrated to Tisons Discord. Since the move to his Discord, It led to a small Cold War between both discords up until #TS retired from trolling in May 2017. Later on, in early 2018, there was a minor conflict which led to Tison resigning his position of owner to Action Capitalist.

The Mishearing Of G's Suicide

On October 7, 2016, Tison was in a Discord call and when he joined, he has heard G that he was gonna kill himself. Though, he posted on Twitter that G was gonna end his life, Tison was trying to help save G's life by spreading it around. Although, it turned out to be that Tison has "misheard" G about the suicide. It turned out that G was not planning to kill himself at all. Although, G did mistyped on Twitter when G posted that he was gonna kill himself, but it turned out that G accidently mistyped and forgotten to put "not." Meaning, he was not planning to kill himself.

Splice Remixes

Tison has done a couple of splice remixes. He has done a vibrator remix of Shinsuke Nakamura's WWE theme song and his woodshed remix of We Speak No Americano.

Voice Impressions

Tison has done some voice impressions during the show. He has currently done Elmo, Skeletor, The Coffee Dude, etc.

External Links

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tisonrockit

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TisonKing