Troll Terrorist

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@Troll_Terrorist's rendition of a Troll Terrorist on True Capitalist Radio.

Troll Terrorist is a term coined by Ghost, the host of the True Capitalist Radio broadcast to refer to the trolls who call his show, particularly during Radio Graffiti and Twitter Shoutouts. It refers to the tragedy based Twitter names (Sick sadistic names) and the disgusting short calls, similar to those made by the Internet Buttstalker, callers who attempt to elicit rage through other means and splicers who rework Ghost's voice in ways he finds grotesque and displeasing.

As the TV Tropes page for TCR states, "[there is] a large rogues gallery of trolls and characters that call him up and interact with him in various entertaining ways." The number of actual trolls who follow the broadcast is unknown, but Ghost has stated that he 'averages' 10,000 or so listeners a broadcast, yet these numbers seem inflated, just as most of Ghost's claims on his actual numbers regarding the show are.

The large masses of trolls have created a cult following for Ghost, complete with fan videos, artwork, music (all to annoy Ghost of course), and forum posts, spreading the TCR community around the internet - and even fetching Ghost a victory at the Shorty Awards. Ghost himself dislikes having his show besmirched and turned into a comedy stop - potentially one of the reasons he quit it in May 2012. He has however expressed gratitude to the trolls multiple times - simply for listening, "spreading it around like wildfire", and purchasing from his shop. Some trolls have reciprocated this, and claimed to have become capitalists like Ghost after listening to him.