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True Conservative Radio, known as True Conservative Republican Radio for it's first few episodes, was Ghost's original radio show in the BlogTalkRadio that he hosted from 2008 until 2010, before it was resurrected as True Capitalist Radio.


There are a few major differences between the two: there was no Engineer (An individual named Paul engineered the show), there was no Radio Graffiti (Didn't begin until June 8th, 2011, far into True Capitalist Radio), and the broadcasts were very late at night instead of in the afternoon. Shows were only two hours long, as opposed to three. During the very beginning of the show, most broadcasts were done during the weekend, but Ghost started doing more weekday broadcasts, and starting in September 2008, he only broadcasted on weekdays (the only weekend broadcasts in September 2008 and on were episodes 70, 82, 90, 101, and 142 of True Conservative Radio, and episodes 82 and 141 of True Capitalist Radio). There are a total of 183 audio broadcasts of True Conservative Radio, despite the last episode of True Conservative Radio being titled as the 182nd (episode 33 is not an audio broadcast; episode 176 (extra episode) was given a duplicate episode number; and there was an unnumbered episode after 107).


Also, rather than talking about the markets and capitalism, Ghost discussed conservatism and conservative topics. Many of the shows were spontaneous, fueled solely by Ghost and his rage, and the topics his callers wanted to discuss (opening many gateways to early trolling attempts). Ghost raged hardest at what he called 'the absolute pussification of America and the world', and this 'topic' caused him to blow over countless numbers of times. Callers were scarce (because Ghost completely dominated the show, most of his fan interaction took place through e-mails and in the chatroom). Ghost often went head-to-head with other Conservative radio hosts from BlogTalkRadio, who would then call in to his own show to defend themselves from Ghost and his own callers.


Ghost's extreme fits of rage were quite common, and the emotional output of each show typically was a build-up, until he reached a climax in rage sometime towards the end, before simmering down and ending off on a neutral note. His rages were much longer and severe than in the show's revival years later. Due to the difference in the microphone quality, cans.wav sounded completely different than in the True Capitalist Radio broadcasts and the sound was usually interpreted as shattering glass, rather than the crushing of beer cans.


Regular troll attacks on the show started in December 2009 when people from the 4chan image board began to call ghost. Most trolls were newfags and No Personality Having Jerk Dicks from 4chan raid-threads who simply spouted memes, but this was still more than enough to send Ghost into extreme fits of rage in most cases. Trolling was sudden, yet did not keep consistency, and anyone who tried to attack his views were silenced from further shows. None of the Regular trolls from the True Conservative days would return to Troll regularly in 2016, but trolls that were still around in 2012 include 213 (Ghetto Capitalist), PoopTickler, IbanEzzo and the Internet Buttstalker.

The End

The combination of constant trolling along with Ghost's growing distrain toward the direction that the Republican Party was taking under Sarah Palin and John McCain, Ghost ended the show on September 1st, 2010 and he wouldn't return until January 11th, 2011, when he hosted the last episode of True Conservative Radio where he denounced the Conservative movement and pointed out its hypocrisies. Day later, Ghost would host the first episode of True Capitalist Radio.