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Shoutouts are a way for Ghost to promote his show, True Capitalist Radio. He reads off the account-names of people who either "retweet/repost the first tweet/post on my Twitter/Gab account" (the "first tweet" was the latest Tweet shown in the picture), tweet at him with a hashtag (usually #TacoTuesday, #BallerFriday, or #CapitalistArmy), or "bomb" an account (such as the Dallas Cowboys or Mr. EBT). Shoutouts used to start at the beginning of the 2nd and 3rd hour of True Capitalist Radio, but the shortened format of the show since The Return has led to Ghost doing only one segment of them per show as of 2016.

Most trolls use this segment to make him say phrases that offend him or piss him off. He has even rage quit early from the show on multiple occasions due to especially offensive names that insult him directly. On December 6, 2011, the Engineer hijacked the show following an angry tirade from Ghost in response to a racist Twitter name about Herman Cain.

Beginning with Episode 469, Ghost also started shoutouts from Gab. Predictably, trolls were quick to start utilizing this new social media to repost under the same sick, sadistic names as they did on Twitter.

Because of his suspension from Twitter for saying "poz-hole," beginning as of Episode 501, he now exclusively takes Gab shoutouts. When his Discord chatroom opened in early 2018, he again took Chatroom shoutouts for the first time in six years, but this around, he does them after The Markets instead of the very end of the show.


Ghost introduced the Twitter Shoutouts segment in late May 2011 in the outbreak of the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal as an opportunity to plug his show while also condemning the actions of the disgraced New York congressman through social media. He asked for listeners to tweet for Weiner to resign, while replying to his own account. Unfortunately for Ghost, trolls quickly realized they could use these shoutout segments to list filthy Twitter user names using phonetics to agitate Ghost, who would read the names, realize what he had just said, and rage.

Shoutouts are now a staple part of the broadcast. Ghost now carefully reads most names before he says them, but will occasionally rage before reaching a name and say it anyway. The majority of troll-names are based off of ongoing news stories, recent tragedies, and of course, a good helping of excrement-related names.

Originally, Ghost gave shout outs to the account name. Since the Return, he now reads out the person's display name instead of the account name. He gives exceptions to people he knows.

Ghost cancelled Shoutouts completely on Episode 579 due to not wanting to attract trolls, as well as "autists and tards". However, he still usually gives Chatroom Shoutouts at the top of the first and second hours of the show, but usually there are no troll names.

Shoutouts returned with The Ghost Show in 2019 and a new type of shoutout was added, streamlab donations, which also allowed trolls to harass Ghost with text-to-speech and short audio files. Twitter Shoutouts returned with Ghost getting a new Twitter account after returning from a hiatus.

Categories of Names

Examples of Names

  • ImComUneHist
  • TexasEnFuego
  • BroniesForGhost
  • OccupyCanterlot
  • IsleOfFluttershy
  • LouSass
  • AlphaKennyPony
  • AutismForGhost
  • BeatingsForBronies
  • ObesityIsADisease
  • HambonesForGhost
  • AdolfTrumpler
  • RobinKilledWilliams
  • FloridaBoatingClub
  • DraftDodginGhost
  • BernieSandusky

Ghost skips names if he realizes their subtle meanings quickly enough. This is usually coupled with him saying, "I'm not saying that", although he may simply skip over a name without even making a comment. Sometimes, when he reads a heavily offensive name, he usually cans.wav and threatens to end the segment. He usually does for that hour, but there have been a couple occasions where he has kept going.

There are certain cases where instead of making people retweet his tweet, he makes them reply to him with a hashtag. Such hashtags are usually relevant to the day Ghost has given names for, such as

  1. TacoTuesday used for Taco Tuesday and
  2. BallerFriday for Baller Friday respectively (note that he does not use hashtags for days given negative nicknames, such as Fruitbowl Wednesday). There are other occasions when Ghost uses additional hashtags such as
  3. GhostistheTalent if there have been a large number of calls asking for the Engineer to take over the show. Other times, he will simply use the default hashtag
  4. Capitalist if there haven't been a large number of troll calls and he wishes to be a little more creative.

The Twitter names that Ghost says are often incorporated into audio splices, such as TexasEnFuego. Some names are intentionally created to induce Ghost into saying certain phrases for use in remixes and splices; while some are clearly troll names, others use phonetics to trick Ghost into saying embarrassing phrases. If Ghost actually does recognize the nature of the name before reading it, he will typically go on a minor rant about "playing word games".