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uabusebeercans, or simply known as u_abusebeercans, was a troll affiliated with Gasgara. At the request of Ghost, he was most notable for defending IbanEzzo while in a PalTalk session on February 11, 2012 by giving fake dox. He was given a special shoutout by Ghost on the 208th episode of True Capitalist Radio, "verifiying" the dox of Ibanezzo.

He would backstab IbanEzzo by telling Ghost the entire story, leading to the IbanEzzo doxxing incident and nullifying the Cockeysville dox.

He has called the True Capitalist Radio broadcast from time to time to troll Ghost every now and then, but is typically found on Twitter, or in the Chatroom instead.


In 2016, uabusebeercans updated his Pastebin account giving his opinion on the state of the new Ghost, pointing out how Ghost has adopted qualities of both Milo Yiannopoulos and Piers Morgan. He also clarified his role with IbanEzzo, having been in contact with him once during GamerGate and has since left TCR as he assumed another troll would take things too seriously and cause a fourth troll war. Uabusebeercans would come back on the Presidents' Day episode and would wonder what was happening on Discord and the Foxo-Tubguy Civil War to see both sides of the war.