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Owner and founder of the Central Circle (aka LeGeNDS GX) Discord community. Debuted on Episode 23 of The Ghost Show as a TTS troll, then as an RG troll on Episode 65 of The Ghost Show.

Radio Graffiti (Cans.wav Score: 50+)

Italic = Cans.wav Bold & Italic= Nucear_Cans.wav Underlined bold & italic = Killshot

  • Ghost contradicts himself that he didn't say the word that rhymes with baguette (Episode 65)
  • Ghost contradicts himself about crying / Sings Pantera's "Walk" (Saturday Night Show Episode 15)
  • Ghost "does himself" / Sings Linkin Park's "Crawling" / Pantera "5 Minutes" Remix (Episode 67)
  • Ghost rages about the Army (Episode 68)
  • Ghost "Wheels" - Just Wheel Me Alone (Episode 70)
  • Ghost comes out of the Closet (Episode 73 as "Ghost Literally Tonight")
  • Patriotic Engineer saves America from Ghostler (Episode 75 as "#1 American Patriot")
  • Ghost claims his stake under his Mother's skirt (Episode 76)
  • Ghost gets arrested for saying the N-word (Episode 77 as "Quality Family Entertainment")
  • Der Führer Ghostler (Episode 79 as "America First")
  • Ghost's Vietnam Tour of Duty (Shitlist Edition) (Episode 81 as "FBI Surveillance Van")
  • Melting Pot Of Ghost Sauce (collab with Serious Samsung) (Episode 82 as "Melting Pot Of Ghost Sauce")
  • Scamler (collab with Serious Samsung) (Episode 83 as "How To Get Away With Stealing")
  • GHOSTLER x GHOSTLER x GHOSTLER (Saturday Night Show Episode 21 as "Im Doing Annie Me")
  • Outro to Serious Samsung's Ghost Loves Raidensnake (Saturday Night Show Episode 21 as "The Great Snake Affair")
  • Ghost loses his brain cells (Episode 85 as "So Smooth")
  • RaidenRoll (Saturday Night Show Episode 22 as "Anonymous")
  • Ghost kills Neo-Nazis (anti-Neo Nazi splice) (Episode 87 as "God Bless America")
  • Ghost "researches" a Gay man (Episode 88 as "It's Only Research I Swear")
  • Ghost's Internet Life (Episode 90 as "Story of my internet life")
  • RaidenRoll II - Ghostpoleon XVI - They're Coming To Take Me Away (ft. RaidenSnake) (Episode 91 as "Anonymous")
  • RaidenRoll III (Episode 93 as "Anonymous")
  • RaidenRoll IV (Aborted) (Episode 99 as "Anonymous")
  • Ghost says the N word off the air'' (Episode 102 as "God Dammit Engineer")
  • Research II - Ghost Researches a Gay Man'' (Episode 102 as "I'm Researching")
  • Research III - Ghost gets penetrated for research purposes< (Episode 105 as "It's Time For More Research")
  • Ghost The Pothead (Episode 105 as "The Tobaccer Industry")
  • Raiden Has Had Enough (ft. Serious Samsung) (Episode 107 as "Baby Won't Come Back")
  • Melting Pot of Kids (Episode 108 as "Anonymous")
  • Ghost's Great Debate (ft. Serious Samsung) (Episode 109 as "The Great Debate")
  • TTS Shootouts (ft. Serious Samsung, Jackler & American Game Master) (Episode 114 as "I'm Donating Pearls Here")
  • Ghost's Godfather (Episode 114 as "The Capitalist Mafia")
  • Meanwhile At Twin Peaks.... (Episode 115 as "Later At Twin Peaks")
  • Ghost's Godfather 2: Ghost wants to follow orders (Episode 115 as "Just following orders")
  • GhostPolitics - Last Ghostmas (Episode 116 as "Karaoke At Twin Peaks")
  • TTS Shootouts 2 (ft. Serious Samsung, Jackler & American Game Master) (Episode 116 as "I'm Insulting Pearls Here")
  • Ghost Calls Nick Fuentes a Baguette (Episode 117)
  • GhostPolitics - Jingle Bell Rock (Episode 117 as "I Have A High Spirit")
  • Ghost Gets Sent To The Mafia's Woodshed (Episode 119 as "Remembering My Place")
  • Ghost's Ranch (Episode 119 as "Back At My Ranch (said as "Back At Ram Ranch")")
  • Ghost's Intense Fingering Session (Episode 121 as "Time For Tutoring")
  • Ghost FM (Episode 122 as "What's On Radio Tonight")
  • Ghost Gets Thrown Out From The Karaoke Bar (Saturday Night Show Episode 31 as "What I Could Be Doing Tonight")
  • Walls Fall Out Rant (Saturday Night Show Episode 31 as "Anonymous") (Got a Laugh.wav)

My splice archive can be found here

The Ghost Show Archive

Cans is the only person (currently) hosting the official Ghost Show Archive.

To access the archive you can find it via, or by clicking here