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I am the owner and founder of the Central Circle. I am known for my TTS trolls, but recently begun doing Radio Graffiti splices/remixes. I am also very close to Dark Meme Magician Girl.

My reign started on Episode 23 of The Ghost Show.

Text To Speech

I was initially a frequent user of the TTS system. I frequently donated under "Meme Magician". As Ghost eventually began accepting YouTube link shares, an influx of newfags donating a bunch of YouTube links eventually got me to slowly phase out of donating over $5, usually keeping donos to $3-5. As I finally began doing Radio Graffiti splices/remixes, I've been slowly phasing out usage of the TTS system, feeling it's become a pay-to-troll scheme.

Radio Graffiti

My debut on Radio Graffiti was on Episode 65, I call under "Cans Abuser" unless otherwise noted. Italic means I got a cans.wav out of it, Bold & Italic means I got nuclear cans.wav out of it, Underlined bold & italic means it was a killshot:

  • Ghost contradicts himself that he didn't say the word that rhymes with baguette (Episode 65)
  • Ghost contradicts himself about crying / Sings Pantera's "Walk" (Saturday Night Show Episode 15)
  • Ghost "does himself" / Sings Linkin Park's "Crawling" / Pantera "5 Minutes" Remix (Episode 67)
  • Ghost rages about the Army (Episode 68)
  • Ghost "Wheels" - Just Wheel Me Alone (Episode 70)
  • Ghost comes out of the Closet (Episode 73 as "Ghost Literally Tonight")
  • Patriotic Engineer saves America from Ghostler (Episode 75 as "#1 American Patriot")
  • Ghost claims his stake under his Mother's skirt (Episode 76)
  • Ghost gets arrested for saying the N-word (Episode 77 as "Quality Family Entertainment")
  • Der Führer Ghostler (Episode 79 as "America First")
  • Ghost's Vietnam Tour of Duty (Shitlist Edition) (Episode 81 as "FBI Surveillance Van")
  • Melting Pot Of Ghost Sauce (collab with Serious Samsung) (Episode 82 as "Melting Pot Of Ghost Sauce")
  • Scamler (collab with Serious Samsung) (Episode 83 as "How To Get Away With Stealing")
  • GHOSTLER x GHOSTLER x GHOSTLER (Saturday Night Show Episode 21 as "Im Doing Annie Me")
  • Outro to Serious Samsung's Ghost Loves Raidensnake (Saturday Night Show Episode 21 as "The Great Snake Affair")
  • Ghost loses his brain cells (Episode 85 as "So Smooth")
  • RaidenRoll (Saturday Night Show Episode 22 as "Anonymous")
  • Ghost kills Neo-Nazis (anti-Neo Nazi splice) (Episode 87 as "God Bless America")
  • Ghost "researches" a Gay man (Episode 88 as "It's Only Research I Swear")
  • Ghost's Internet Life (Episode 90 as "Story of my internet life")
  • RaidenRoll II - Ghostpoleon XVI - They're Coming To Take Me Away (ft. RaidenSnake) (Episode 91 as "Anonymous")
  • RaidenRoll III (Episode 93 as "Anonymous")
  • RaidenRoll IV (Aborted) (Episode 99 as "Anonymous")
  • Ghost says the N word off the air'' (Episode 102 as "God Dammit Engineer")
  • Research II - Ghost Researches a Gay Man'' (Episode 102 as "I'm Researching")
  • Research III - Ghost gets penetrated for research purposes< (Episode 105 as "It's Time For More Research")
  • Ghost The Pothead (Episode 105 as "The Tobaccer Industry")

My splice archive can be found here

YouTube Relay of The Ghost Show

You can see the 3 most recent episodes of both 'The Ghost Show' and 'SNTS' that I've relayed through YouTube, ever since Ghost moved to VaughnLIVE, here:

The Ghost Show

Saturday Night Troll Show