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Hello there, I am Pretzel Cane, one of the contributors to this Wiki. Personally, I have been listening to the Radio Graffiti portion of True Capitalistt Radio since Late 2011, Early 2012.

For now, I am tasked with fixing youtube links; and frankly, I hope that this wiki had more contributors that work just about as hard, if not harder than me. But then again, no one is able to their own fates by themselves, contrary to how Ghost claims that Capitalism will allow just about anyone to do, as long as they have enough "testicular fortitude".

Update: May 5th, 2018

Looks like Ghost finally did another live stream. However, when I tried to check the videos on Gab, something seemed of to me (though this may not apply to anyone else, let alone my future self). First of all, neither parts appear on his video library. Despite that, they have not been taken down, it's just that they are taking an unusually long time to load. Either that, or the videos are broken, while I'm just left with the comment section and a seemingness buffering screen. Speaking of comments, I did notice some people given antidotes about how Ghost wanted to discontinue Radio Graffiti. If what is being said about Radio Graffiti is true, It's about time for the trolls to get flexible. After all, trolls called in prior to the existence of Radio Graffiti, so I doubt the discontinuation of RG would entirely prevent trolls from calling in. But at least there will not be as many fail trolls to deal with. More over, THE TROLLING NEVER ENDS!

Update: May 11th, 2018

What Happened to the Youtube Links?

Last time I was logged in, about 5 hours ago, all the updated Youtube Links were perfectly fine. However, I just logged back in, only to find out that they are all dead. More over, nothing pertaining to Youtube Links have been updated following my last edit. I don't know what's going on, but what caused the Youtube Extensions to die out all the sudden? I hope someone has an explanation, if not a solution to this sudden problem just emerged.

Update: May 12th, 2018

Finally, I have a Gab account!

Update: May 30th, 2018

After numerous attempts, I have two shoutout names. They consist of "Baby Seal Strip Club" and "True Scientology Radio". So far nothing that enraged ghost.

Update: July 10th, 2018

All the image links are broken!!! This needs to be fixed.

Update: October 23rd, 2018

Just wrekt my Gab TOP KEK!!!

Exterminatus of Matar.gif