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On the subject of Lost Episodes:

When it comes to lost episodes, only two are completely lost. The first of which being Conservative Episode 33, and the second being Ghost After Hours First Broadcast. There is also Capitalist Episode 232, which predates the livestreams made by TheBronyNetwork. Remnants of Capitalist Episode 232 consist a couple of videos, uploaded by The Myon and Elfoxoloco respectively. I have linked the aforementioned videos below.

More over, I suggest adding a new category, that being "Lost Episodes". But then again, I don't know how much the Lost Media Wiki is going to care about this.

  • We already have a category called which consists of episodes that have been deleted from BTR and it only features one additional episode besides the ones you mentioned, so I don't really see why we should add a new category for this. CapitalistContributor (talk) 12:32, 18 April 2018 (UTC)
    • I would also add that Episode 232 is still out there somewhere on the internet. The show was archived for some time before it was deleted (I believe it was deleted late 2016-early 2017, likely a result of the Elfoxo drama and whatnot), if you ask around I'm certain someone still has the original .mp3 file for that episode. ~InsaneEnergy
      • Personally, the only reason I think there should be a separate "Lost Episodes" category is due to to how not all of the deleted episodes are as of yet archived. In other words, "Lost Episodes" are not only deleted from BTR or whatever, they lack any .mp3 archive or something along the lines of that. For example, Capitalist Episodes 232 and 443 fall under the Deleted Episodes category due how they have ben archived by the community. As for Conservative Episode 33, no copies are known to exist as of yet, and there for qualifies as a Lost Episode. It should also be noted that the link provided in the Conservative Episode 33 wiki page leads to a 404 error message. I'm sorry for not explaining it earlier btw. I also respect your opinion when it comes to weather or not there is a point to having a "Lost Episodes" category for this wiki. More over, thanks for the additional information you provided, InsaneEnergy & CapitalistContributor ~Pretzel Cane

What was the first episode to feature Cans.Wav?:

In case you have been following my activity, I have decided to a Cans.wav count for Conservative Episode 147, which was the earliest episode in Ghost's broadcast I ever watched to ever have Cans.Wav. The reason I bring this up is because I was curious about which episode had the first ever Cans.Wav instance. I noticed a absence of cans in Conservative Episode 1. I also skimmed over Conservative Episode 2 and the first 30 minutes or so of Conservative Episode 3, without noticing a single Instance of Cans.Wav. So, I have some questions to ask here.

Due to how many hours Ghost had broadcasted, Is it worth the effort trying to locate the earliest instance of Cans.Wav, only to have it as a footnote on the corresponding episode's wiki page? What was the earliest episode you ever heard that had an instance of Cans.Wav? Is the earliest instance of Cans.Wav worth even wondering about? Was the earliest recorded Cans.wav really that important in the first place?

  • Didn't notice this post until now. Reason we don't have that event marked is that most of the current editors (including me) haven't listened to the show before 2011 and we don't have that much knowledge about the earlier episodes (until around December 2009). Personally I'd say that trying to look for the first cans.wav at this point is a lost cause due to the sheer amount of hours Ghost has broadcasted, but if you feel that you have the time to listen to his older broadcasts, then go ahead. If you wanna contact me about stuff like this in the future, then you should write on my or Pylons' discussion page, because I most certainly won't notice it otherwise. CapitalistContributor (talk) 00:22, 2 May 2018 (UTC)
    • I kind of figured that, besides, it could entirely be possible that Cans.wav made it's debut in Conservative Episode 33 for all I care. If the original Cans.wav was that important, than there would be a page on the Lost Media Wiki pertaining to Conservative Episode 33 by now. Also, I first heard of True Capitalist Radio back in 2011. I first stumbled across it when I came across a video called "Drew Pickles Goes to True Capitalist Radio", which from what I could recall mentioned Ghost's Son, and had a room littered with Beer cans in the background. Also, the video I am referring to is no longer on youtube, but there is another one of the same name. Due to how I grew out of Barney Bunch, I did not even bother watching this new one in it's entirety, but I might as well link it here in case a No Personality Having Jerk Dick need's something to play on whatever equivalent to Radio Graffiti Ghost might include in a future live stream...

Do keep in mind that this video is not the same one that got me introduced to True Capitalist Radio, that one is now gone. This is just something in the same vein, with the same title. My apologies for derailing the conversation, I just wanted to give some backstory for myself. At this point, I don't care if this topic turns into a reaction to some random Barney Bunch video or the earliest known Cans.Wav.

Image Links

I think the image problem is on Miraheze's end, as they just transferred over to a different image hosting server. Don't know if we'll need to reupload everything, just letting you know since you mentioned it.

Glad to see that the Image Links are working again.