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Hey Pylons, have you considered adding the Note markup? could help with announcements related to whether ghost is on hiatus, or if any recent issues arise. check this out on media wiki:

--Cans Abusing Meme Magician (talk) 04:57, 22 June 2021 (UTC)

Hey Pylons, in addition to the SNTS 21 page, and the Giant Incident page, we're also missing the Woody Allen Butt-loving Pedophiles page. Makes me wonder what else is missing....

Giant's Wiki username is IAmTheGr81‎‎, may want to permaban him.

--Cans Abusing Meme Magician (talk) 08:47, 30 July 2019 (UTC)

Well I already banned his Ganondorf account for defacing the Giant Incident page. It still is hard to get it restored. Pylons (talk)

Hey Pylons, If you get this, I wish to discuss something with you privately. Thanks, LN.

  • Lightning, DM me on twitter so you can tell me what happened. Pylons (talk) 22:07, 12 January 2019 (UTC)

I find it only funny that history would repeat itself, thanks to you. This is all I have to say. ~InsaneEnergy

Hey Pylons! InsaneEnergy is making trouble again. Thank you for taking notice.

- Oflameo

What trouble is he doing in particular? - Pylons

  • I'm not the problem here. You can clearly see on the Inner Circle page Oflameo is making blatantly biased edits, and all I'm doing is reverting them. ~InsaneEnergy (talk)

It is quite simple. Read the revision history and the talk page for Ghost's Inner Circle‎‎. He is making making vulgar dismissive statements, he said that he would talk about our conflicts in the comment for 12:16, 2 July 2018 and reneged on 07:49, 3 July 2018‎ in the talk page, and made a plea to censor me until someone forces him to stop. I would rather bargain with him like a capitalist, but if he is not into that, I guess it has be resolved some other way.

- Oflameo

  • Is that a threat, Oflameo? -AscendingCucks

No, I am already talking to the admins. I feel that InsaneEnergy and I could have resolved this via 2 party talks and made a deal, but he stated that he won't bargain like a capitalist and has been acting very unreasonably.

- Oflameo

  • You revoked your right to talking this out the second you tried to show some level of bias with your edits. I'm doing nothing but reversing your vandalism. If the mods take your side, fine, but I'm sticking to objectivity on here, not your subjective view on what happened to you in the IC. I'd like to set the record straight, while I have the time: Nobody harassed Oflameo. One or two people gave him a hard time, he acted like a jerk to others, we gave him many chances (and time) to correct himself, and he continued acting the way he was, as well as insulting us and trying to dox Ghost, in my old chat no less. Say what you want about me, say what your story is all you like, but this story is backed up not just by me, but by everyone in the IC and Ghost himself. You're twisting words and revising history to suit your own needs, and now you're trying to get me banned from this wiki for it. You're disgraceful. ~InsaneEnergy (talk)

I don't think it is reasonable to believe that you are objective, especially after you refused 2 party talks and continue to use dismissive language. I have no interest in banning you InsaneEnergy.

- Oflameo

  • I'm objective in that I'm not trying to be biased in comparing a group of people to communists. I can take the mods comparing my old chat to commies, and I can take the mods forcing a comparison to the Death Star and the Empire. But I draw the line at letting you do the same shit. Also, I think going straight to the mods contradicts that last statement. ~InsaneEnergy (talk)

I understand that you are triggered by the language, but I didn't go straight to the admins. I opened the talk page like you agreed to engage me in, but you reneged. We could have bargained like capitalists and came to an agreement on the language. Instead you are having a meltdown on the wiki.

- Oflameo

  • The alternative is letting your edits stand on the wiki. So no, I'm not going to bow down and let you say whatever you want on here. Also, I would have had to have come to some level of agreement with you to reneg on something, I never agreed to anything. ~InsaneEnergy (talk)

The problem is that you won't let me say anything I want here. We been over the agreement you made in the edit history of the article that you reneged on. Were you telling the truth then or are you telling the truth now? InsaneEnergy, you refused to bargain like a capitalist, and in my opinion have been acting bigoted.

- Oflameo

  • What agreement? Again, I never agreed to anything with you. Also, you don't have the right to call something bigoted, you hang around a guy who calls you his house nigger, you dumbass. ~InsaneEnergy (talk)

I don't understand at least half of the references in your (Pylons) splices, but you're still a god-tier troll. ~RMaster007 (talk)

External links on my user page

Hi, I'm a new transfer from the other wiki. I was just wondering if I could post a couple of links to things I've made regarding TCR on my user page? For some reason this action has been viewed as 'harmful' and I was asked to talk to an admin about it. Don Pinstripelli (talk) 08:56, 14 October 2018 (UTC)

  • I might not be the right person to talk about this, but I had the same issue when I first made my account on here. It should be fine now that you've made an edit on another page, go ahead and give it a try. ~InsaneEnergy (talk)
  • Don't worry Don, this wiki isn't like the old wiki. I don't see why miraheze would ban you for posting a couple of TCR related links. Like how the people at wikia would do. ~Pylons

Hey Pylons Has there been any updates on the pages giant fucked up? I know he complained to the admins to get them taken down on the grounds of "false information" when we have evidence to prove everything said about him on those pages. Both video and pics mind you. -ARacistTexan