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Vaughn Live (stylized as VaughnLIVE) is an independent social broadcasting platform operated by Mark Vaughn's company, Vaughnsoft. Ghost has a VaughnLIVE account where he broadcasted The Ghost Show and Saturday Night Troll Show.

The Ghost Show

Following The Ghost Show Episode 74 being taken down mid-stream for supposed hate speech and Ghost having his streaming privileges suspended for a week on YouTube, Ghost started using VaughnLIVE as an interim solution to be able to broadcast future episodes of The Ghost Show & the Saturday Night Troll Show until his 1-week suspension from streaming on YouTube ends. However, he has claimed that he would make VaughnLIVE his primary broadcasting platform, claiming that YouTube has censored him.

Bandwidth Issues

Message when servers are at capacity and the viewer doesn't have a VIP membership.

Due to VaughnLIVE servers having limited bandwidth, viewers may often be dealing with buffering issues, or a message stating servers are at capacity, encouraging users to purchase a VIP subscription

Cans Abuser provides a relay to be able to watch The Ghost Show on YouTube through his channel so they wouldn't have to put up with the bandwidth issues at VaughnLIVE.

Replay Issues

Currently, VaughnLIVE doesn't provide a method to watch replays of recently broadcasted streams, with broadcasters having 24 (non-VIP) or 72 (VIPs) hours to download their latest stream, so Ghost uploads recently aired episodes on his BitChute account. However since his episodes often exceed 4 hours, VaughnLIVE splits the episodes into two parts.

This results in viewers once again relying on YouTube users to upload recently aired episodes, or at the very least, the Radio Graffiti segment, until Ghost uploads his recent broadcast on BitChute. Ghost later went on to going back to YouTube. Ghost later went to Periscope before being banned after 2 episodes for violating Periscope's Terms of Service. Resulting in Ghost choosing DLive as his primary platform to stream.

Return to VaughnLIVE

After Ghost was suspended for a week on DLive around early September 2021 for hate speech. Ghost decided to return to VaughnLIVE after being worried about being permanently banned from DLive. With Ghost returning (under a newer account) to VaughnLIVE on September 7, 2021 with the airing of the 250th episode of The Ghost Show.