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Vince in the Bay was a longtime fan and serious caller on Ghost's True Capitalist Radio and True Conservative Radio broadcasts. Vince in the Bay hosts a Blog Talk Radio show called "Disorderly Conduct" from California. However, during 2011, Vince's show became more and more infrequent. According to Ghost he has stopped his show because he couldn't afford to keep it going. However, he restarted it, and continued to broadcast on BTR until September 27th, 2014 when he moved over to Stitcher where he has broadcasted from quite irregularly. He tweeted an account that was pretending to be Ghost with sarcasm and annoyance in response to the GNAA hacks, which exposed his real name and address, unaware it was an unknown individual impersonating Ghost.

Vince's show was the "origin" of FLAWC, who became notorious in the True Capitalist Radio community after apparently hacking "Ghost's" alternate Twitter account following "Ghost's" main account being banned. However it was now assumed that FLAWC was the person pretending to be Ghost just trying to string people along for bait.

Vince has a long standing feud with Goofy Bone, who hated him with a passion, and often dedicated entire segments of his own show to diss him. Goofy claimed he was the 'president' of BTR, and that Vince was constantly trying to usurp him from that position, while Vince simply remains on his own show and took everything Goofy said with a grain of salt. Many of Ghost's own fans sided with Vince in the feud.

Ghost discussing Vince in the Bay on Twitter.

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