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Social Programs in the United States of America includes welfare-payments, food-stamps, and healthcare known as Medicaid. California is the state that collects the most welfare. Ghost, the host of True Capitalist Radio, has been highly critical of welfare and most-all social programs. Ghost considers them to be one of the reasons for the rise of Junkyard America.

Ghetto Capitalist is the most well known recipient of welfare and other social aid programs. He often brags about his collections and even holds house-parties for them on the first of the month.

Ghost has always been critical of welfare and other social programs, though he has claimed that Obama has made welfare abuse much worse, helping to initiate Junkyard America. Ghost's main complaint towards welfare is the abuse of it. Ghost claims that the majority of users are just "good-for nothing losers who want to do nothing more than sit around and be a mooch on society, a worthless waste of human life."

Ghost made fun of welfare during the Saturday Night Troll Show when he sold the Mah Keedz merch. It was designed to look like a welfare check with Obama's likeliness on it.