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★ ★ ★ Winner of: Worst Ghost Show Character at the 2021 Ghosties ★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★ Winner of: Worst Ghost Show Character at the 2022 Ghosties ★ ★ ★

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WestCoastCapitalist or WCC was a regular Serious Caller on The Ghost Show. He is from the state of California, usually calling from a mobile number, or on the FreeConferenceCall. Like many other serious callers, WestCoastCapitalist is seen as a brown noser, as he is seen attempting to emulate Ghost, even to the point where Ghost allows him to co-host Radio Graffiti upon being called on. He is also a frequent target of trolls. WCC was also capable of being a trash talker, a capitalist, motivator, commentator, and even hosting his own podcast on Anchor called "The West Coast Radio Show". He was also considering to be a number one fan, since he first called up on Radio Graffiti back in September of 2020. WCC has also never considered himself to being an internet troll, nor a fan of the radio graffiti splices that the trolls have been using against Ghost for 10+ years of broadcasting between platform changes. WCC is the first popular serious caller, since RaidenSnake, KaraszKun, Teutonic Plague, Etc.

Radio Graffiti Co-Host

On The Ghost Show Episode 215, Ghost let WestCoastCapitalist co-host radio graffiti, which many trolls took advantage of. Since then, Ghost has allowed him to co-host Radio Graffiti, reserving him as the last caller before concluding that episode's Radio Graffiti segment.

On The Ghost Show Episode 221, WestCoastCapitalist even did his own cans.wav during Radio Graffiti.

Accidental Dox

On The Ghost Show Episode 218 during Radio Graffiti, Ghost accidentally leaked his FreeConferenceCall list, showing a list of caller's phone numbers, and what appears to be WestCoastCapitalist's phone number, along with the rest of the callers phone numbers that was also doxxed during the incident. Ghost has given WCC an apology for the last encounter that happened in late April 2021 in his new phone number which is now censored and cannot be leaked in the future radio graffiti calls.


A troll donated the $300 for an Inner Circle slot for WestCoastCapitalist. On later episodes, it was revealed that Ghost can't stand him outside the show, which disgruntled and upset WestCoastCapitalist. The WestCoastCapitalist Incident, as well as the leaked IC recording further revealed the reason why Ghost and the Inner Circle couldn't stand him.

WestCoastCapitalist however would briefly change his name to TheEvilDarkLord and returning back to the Inner Circle way after The WestCoastCapitalist Incident happened.


Ghost would eventually state that he and WCC tied up loose ends, and that WCC returned to the Inner Circle. At that time, WCC would change his handle on twitter to DarkLordPolitix. Ghost would allow WCC to co-host one final time during The Ghost Show Episode 258.

Final Departure

WCC would leave the community altogether due to some trolls attempting to pressure him into committing suicide on one of Ghost's servers. He would also delete his twitter account.

On Oct 18, 2021 WCC created the "The West Coast Radio Show" on Anchor. On Nov 24, 2021, WCC changed his name to Gothic Raider, his show to "The Gothic Raider Radio Show" and his handle on twitter to GothicRaider. However after winning the "Worst Ghost Show Character" in the 2021 Ghosties, he went back to the West Coast Capitalist name.

Second Return

WCC has made his first Radio Graffiti call of 2022, as well as being a part of the Thunderdome, days after the announcement that Ghost was been awarding the Ghosties to their respective winners during that time. He has been standing up against the number one enemy aka Chicago Cowboy, which is one of the serious callers who have a major beef almost a year prior, went into good terms in summer of 2021, and then insulted him and Ghost, when he was been giving the last Radio Graffiti call, while he went off to his college semester. WCC was also being not just a positive reinforcement, but he was being one of the best serious callers, since The Return Era of the True Capitalist Radio on BlogTalkRadio. He has also made it to the Inner Circle for the third time, this time for the permanent reason of why that most of the fans, including Ghost have been wanting him back in the group in the last couple of months. On July 22 2022 West Coast Capitalist's Twitter account announced that West Coast Capitalist had died. His name was changed to Big Jack Cashman, his Twitter handler to BigJackCash and his show renamed " The Capitalist Report". WCC would later delete his Twitter handler again. On The Ghost Show Episode 305 WCC would call into Radio Graffiti and tell people to vote Democrat causing Ghost to cans.wav. On the following episode Ghost said that WCC told him he would never call into the show again. WCC would return in The Ghost Show Episode 322, he would say "vote democrat" was a freudian slip and would end up winning "Worst Ghost Show Character" again in the the 2022 Ghosties,

The Real Final Departure

During The Ghost Show Episode 347, WestCoastCapitalist have been announced on Radio Graffiti that he was leaving the ghost show community in general, after three years of supporting ghostpolitics and his catalog of shows that he have been either currently producing or no longer produced the spinoff shows that he has done in the past. This came after Yackass have paid $900 to have him permanently removed from the community, causing the loyal fans to voicing their opinion about WCC's time and departure on their social media platforms. Despite claiming he would leave WCC would return in the very next episode. On October 2023 WCC would change his name to The Underground Capitalist and his Twitter handler to TheRealUnderCap.

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