White Trailer Trash

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Typical white trailer trash

White Trailer Trash (more commonly known as Trailer Park Trash or just Trailer Trash) is a derogatory term used by Ghost to refer to poor white people, especially southerners, who live in trailer parks. Common stereotypes include bad hygiene, low level of education, consumption of large quantities of Kentucky Fried Chicken Piss, sexually promiscuous behavior, slovenly or sexual style of dress and aggressive social behavior. The concept is closely associated with many of Ghost's rants about Welfare frauds, the supposed "poor" people of America and his general disgust with the state of the country.

Associated terms

A pair of shit kicking hicks
  • Shit Kickin' Hicks is another term used by Ghost to refer to White southerners who are poor in most cases, but the focus with this term is that a shit kickin' hick is a white supremacist/neo-confederate who blasts Racist Songs by Johnny Rebel on the show.
  • Juggalo is a term reffering to the fans of the white hip hop duo Insane Clown Posse or any other Psychopathic Records hip hop group. Ghost discussed this fandom in TCR episodes 440 and 171 and expressed absolute disgust towards the white trailer trash that formed it.